Karl Knorre

Picture of Karl Knorre

Date of Birth: 03/28/1801

Age: 82

Citizenship: Russia


Born in the family of the first astronomer observer Dorpat Observatory. He studied at the Theological Faculty of the University of Dorpat, where he met with the astronomer and professor Vasily Struve (later became the first director of the Pulkovo Observatory), who carried out geodetic measurements. It became interested in astronomy.

In 1820, it recommended by the chief commander of the Black Sea Fleet and the port admiral Aleksey Greig as a naval astronomer - the director created in Nikolaev Naval Observatory agencies. He taught astronomy at the Nicholas School navigator.

In Nikolayev, in 1832, he created a fifth sheet Knorre star map of the Berlin Academy of Sciences. With the help of a 9-inch refractor and a ring micrometer determined the position of many comets, including - Halley`s Comet when it appears in 1835. Through the map, compiled Knorre 2 minor planets were discovered - Astrea and Flora. He also directed all the produce while in the Black and Azov seas hydrography. In 1855 he published in Nikolaev "Lectures practical astronomy." In total, there are about 20 of his scientific work. In 1870 Knorre was elected a corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. After leaving in 1871 to retire the observatory passed IE Kortazzi and went to Berlin, where he died.