Karl E Weick

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Date of Birth: 10/31/1936

Age: 80

Place of birth: Warsaw

Citizenship: United States

organizational processes Specialist

Carl was born in Warsaw, Indiana (Warsaw, Indiana); bachelor`s degree, he received the College Uittenberga (Wittenberg College) in Springfield, Ohio (Springfield, Ohio), and a doctorate in organizational psychology - at the University of Ohio (Ohio State University).

One of the basic principles used in Wijk writings became `introduction to silu` (enactment) - the principle that the organization can be created only one discussion of the idea of ??creation. Later Wijk continued to study the principles of creation and functioning of complex business systems; in 1976, in the article `Educational organizations as a weakly interconnected sistemy` (` Educational Organizations as Loosely Coupled Systems`) it is practically coined one of the most frequently attributed to him terms. It should be noted that the term is often considered in other sciences - such as information systems theory; in the theory of organizational processes it has become popular thanks to Carl. In Wijk, weakly linked to any organization scheme is primarily a theoretical mechanism of its work and its practical incarnation - and, in fact, it is a weak correlation allows these incompatible ontological concepts exist adjacent to each other.

The second term is the industry known - `osmyslennost` - Wake interpreted as a relatively unusual way. Carl simultaneously focuses on how customers and employees are trying as much as possible to adapt to the organization, while the organization is trying to maximally adapt to the world around them. These two processes are simultaneously and partially overlap. Uncertainties result of the interaction of these processes, Carl has dedicated a number of scientific papers - one of which was devoted to a catastrophic fire in the beam Mann (Mann Gulch) and interpret the causes and consequences of fire, from the point of view of the concept of `osmyslennosti`.

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