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Date of birth: 09.03.1983

Age: 33

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


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Karina Razumovskaya born March 9, 1983, in Leningrad, in a family of a sailor. At the age of five years old girl made her debut on the silver screen, playing a cameo role in the film Victor tragifarsovoy Buturlin "Braking in heaven."


In 2004 Karina graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Theatre Arts (workshop of V. Petrov) and in the same year she joined the Bolshoi Drama Theater. On stage BDT actress is busy in performances: "The Night Before Christmas" (Oksana), "Bliss" (Olga), "Black Comedy" (Clay), "Merry Soldier" (Nelka), "Katherine" (maid).

He plays in the theater Comedy. Akimova in the performances: "Ghosts" (Marie), "Wedding Krechinsky" (Lida), "I want to be in the movies" (Libby).


His first "adult" role in the movie played by Karina Razumovskaya, a student of theatrical melodrama Akademii.V George Cousin "Ark" (based on the novel by Gennady Shpalikov "Pier"), the young actress played the role of young Katie, who lives in a small provincial town and dreaming of a prince. Thus "the prince," for it would be a stern skipper played by Yevgeny Sidikhin ...

The fame of the actress came with the release in theaters of the historical TV series "The adjutants of love", where Karina Razumovskaya played a major role. Her heroine Olga Lopuchin - girl sincere, try to do as she tells the heart. Ardent heart sometimes prevents her from taking the right decisions, causing her to have to suffer. But strong character helps her cope with all the difficulties.

Clean, direct heroine Kareena Razumovskaya a hard life is always evoke empathy with the audience. In melodrama "Adversity" actress played Anna Alexeeva, which has to bring up two young children of her deceased sister. In the film "Call on my door" - a girl named Paulina, who had experienced the death of parents, poverty, betrayal of a loved one.

In the film "Blessed" Karina Razumovskaya created a dramatic image of Alexandra. Her heroine is coming to Moscow, with a desire to learn to draw and meet your beloved. Neither one nor the other it did not happen to realize, because for this we must be able to "elbow". Alexander same, retaining childlike becomes in the eyes of others "blessed" ...

Memorable images of the actress also created in films and television series: "Where Love Lives" (Marina Komarova), "All mixed up in the house ..." (Xenia Malyukova), "It`s not by chance" (Lilya Belousova), "Requiem for a witness "(Faith)," My "(Light Sveshnikov)," Oranienbaum. Silver Samurai "(art critic Nadia)," The House for Two "(Anastasia).


Karina Razumovskaya since 2005 married to actor Artem Karasev.


1989 Braking in heaven

2002 Ark

2003 spring draft history

2004 Sisters

2004 Kind Exchange

2004 Gemini

2005 adjutants of love - series

2006 Where there is love (Ukraine) live

2006 Schedule fates

2006 All mixed up in the house ...

2007 First home

2008 Adversity

2008 Call on my door

2008 On the contour of the face - short

2008 Oranienbaum. Silver samurai

2008 Beauty demands ...

2008 Kamenskaya-5. Contributors

2008 All this is not accidental (Russia-Ukraine)

Blessed 2008 (Russia-Ukraine)

2009 Requiem for a witness (Russia-Ukraine)

My 2009

2009 House for two

2010 Magician

2010 Tango with an angel

2010 Sisters

2010 Stamp

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