Karina Andolenko

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Date of Birth: 09/20/1987

Age: 29

Place of birth: Kharkov

Citizenship: Russia


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Karina Andolenko was born September 20, 1987 in Kharkov. Her grandparents were engaged in amateur performances. Only the actors they were unusual. Being deaf, they played at the performances, put in the House of Culture for the deaf people. Young Karina has also been involved in these productions.

Inspired by the scene, Karina 12 years became involved in drama school, and in parallel studied at the School of Music in piano. His later life she had seen it in the acting profession ...


After high school, Karina Andolenko planned to arrive in Kharkiv Academy of Culture. But life turned so that she was in Moscow and was admitted to the Moscow Art Theatre School in the course of KA Raikin.

His first theatrical role Karina Andolenko played on the stage of educational theater Moscow Art Theatre School. It was Erief in the play "The Valencian madmen." In 2008, Konstantin Raikin entrusted student Andolenko role of "Satyricon" Kruglova in the theater`s "Not all cat carnival." Aspiring actress played brilliantly, so in 2009, after graduation, she was invited to the troupe. Here she works to this day.


From the very first acting role Karina Andolenko declared itself as a serious actress with great potential. As a student, she starred in the crime drama Egor Konchalovsky`s "Roses for Elsa." The actress has created the image of 17-year-old romantic girl Tanya Lepeshkin, dreams of a prince on a white horse and did not orient themselves in the real world.

After this film, Kareena Andolenko starred a young widow Pauline military melodrama "Ash Waltz" .Kartina, based on real events of World War II, and was warmly received by the audience and the experts received numerous awards at prestigious film festivals. We noted and our heroine - at the VIII International Festival of Film Actors "Constellation" Karina Andolenko was awarded in the category "Best female lead."

After such a successful start was followed by new works of the young actress. Romance, comedy, historical tapes, detectives - in any of the genres she has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to organic and easily to transform than earned the respect of many professionals. Only in 2010-11 Karina Andolenko played about half a dozen roles, among them: Nastya Kotenko in the crime drama "The fate of the mysterious tomorrow," Marina Kazantsev in the melodrama "The arithmetic of infamy", journalist Alice Pavlovskaya in the romantic comedy "Kiss through the wall," Ensign -svyazist Anna in the war drama "Hunters for caravans," Natasha Smirnova in the melodrama "Back in the USSR", Olga Podolskaya detective in "hunting Illusion" Vera Ivanova in a mystical detective "rich Mary" and others.


2008 Crazy Angel

2009 Roses for Elsa

2009 Ash Waltz

2010 Destiny mysterious tomorrow

2010 SWAT

2010 Strong weak woman

2010 Raider

2010 Kiss through the wall

2010 Hunters for caravans

2010 Back in the USSR

2010 hunting Illusion (Belarus)

2010 Rich Masha

2011 Riddle for Vera

Thirst 2011

2011 It was in the Kuban

2011 Arithmetic meanness (Ukraine)

2011 Only you

2011 My favorite genius

Millionaire 2012 (Ukraine)

2012 Dark Kingdom

2012 Passion for Chapa

2012 Dragon Syndrome (Russia-Ukraine)

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