Karen Lancaume

Picture of Karen Lancaume

Date of Birth: 01/19/1973

Age: 32

Place of birth: Lyon

Citizenship: France

In This Tricky Life

Born Karin Bach (Karine Bach) in 1973 in the French Lyon (Lyon, France). Her family was quite wealthy, her father - a Frenchman, mother - Moroccan origin. Karen`s childhood passed in the countryside close to Lyon.

Later, after becoming a famous actress porn, she told me that the first sexual experience she got at age 17, shortly before entering the university. Becoming a student at the weekend, Karen worked in a nightclub, to pay for his studies. In the same night club she met disc jockey Franck (Franck Ceronne), for whom soon married. In 1997, Frank and Karen divorced.

By the way, along with her husband, Karen started acting in porn - snachalaoni were taken together, and the money left in their payment of debts and other family needs. Later, after the divorce, Frank gave up shooting, and Lancome remained in the porn industry, continuing to play both in Europe and in American films for adults. By the way, her American debut in the film `When the Night Falls` in 1997, but overall it was wound between the two continents, and at that time worked at the Lancome producers` Elegant Angel`, `Wicked Pictures` and` Sin City` .

In 2000, Karen was nominated for the award `Hot D`Or`, she ultimately did not receive.

In 1999, during the Festival de Cannes (Cannes Film Festival), Karen had met with Virginia Despentes (Virginie Despentes), which just gained actors for the filming of a pornographic movie `Baise-moi` (letters.` Fuck menya`). So, together with his colleague and friend Raffaele Anderson (Raffa & # 235; la Anderson) Karen has successfully passed the audition. The film was controversial, hard and done a lot of noise. It was just too much - too much violence, too much sexuality. However, this is the notoriety of the film did Karen real porn star. By the way, destroy them fame two friends - Karen and Raffaela - it took quite differently. Raffaela decided quickly convert their careers, leaning out of the usual porn movie, while Karen became gradually wind down and eventually stopped in 2002 removed completely.

She admitted in an interview that porn - it`s just a way to make money and nothing to do with her way of life and world views, this work has not. The very same Karen dreamed of `big and clean lyubvi`, peaceful family life, a variety of children and all the other components of a quiet family happiness.

Alas, all that know her and it was not possible, and instead of 32-year-old Karen Lancome chose to voluntarily withdraw from life. Since 28 January 2005, she took a lethal dose of medication. It happened in Paris (Paris), in the apartment of her friends.

Filmography Karen Lancome has no less than 40 porn films in which she played in the period 1996-2002.

Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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