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Date of Birth: 09/11/1955

Age: 61

Place of birth: Guernsey

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Dotris Karen was born in a family of actors: Kay and her mother and father, Roy were theater actors. Karen was the third child; Both her sisters, Michele and Yvette, also became actresses.

In four years in the production of `The Caucasian Chalk krug` by Bertolt Brecht took acting debut Dotris (cited father, who played a role in her cast plays Karen), after which the girl was noticed and invited to the US, for a meeting with Walt Disney.

In 1964, at age 8, Karen participated in the filming of the movie `Three Tomaziny` life; at that time, her father was busy setting Lira` `King of England, and in America on Dotrisah cared personally Walt Disney. Karen later recalled that she loved him and called `Uncle Uoltom`, and he liked nice English pronunciation Karen and her courtesy.

After Karen perfectly played in `Tomazine`, doubts about the role of the performer Jane Banks in` Mary Poppins` (also in 1964) was not. This Disney film at the time became the most commercially successful, collected five `Oskarov` and made all the actors involved in the shooting, the famous; critics admired the natural play of child actors: `children in the film it is such, they should be`!.

In 1967 Dotris starred in the Disney film `The Gnome-Mobile`, but the film proved to be unsuccessful and not even close come to the top box office and fame reached` Mary Poppins`; More Karen in childhood did not appear on the screen.

In 1978, Karen the first and only time in the movie co-starred in the adult years; it was the film `39 stupeney`, where she played Alex McKenzie.

Slightly more than Karen appeared on television. In 1974, she played in a small television series (total length of all 9hours), drama, tells the story of love and lovers of Napoleon I, entitled `Napoleon lyubov`. In 1975, she starred as the maid Lily Hawkins 5 last series, the fifth season of the series `Up and down the lestnitse`. The series narrated the life of one of the families of high society of the early twentieth century, Bellamy, and their servants; he became one of the most popular TV projects London Weekend Television and was on ITV, and later became popular in the US and certain other countries.

In the series, `Dickens of London` Dotris played the role of Maria Beadnell, while her father got the role of Dickens. In 1977, she appeared on the screens in the German TV movie `Joseph Endryus` on the novel by Henry Fielding, and in 1978 Dotris last starred in a television series - it was` BBC2 Play of the Week`. Then followed a long break in more than a quarter-century, and only in 2005 and 2006, the actress has reappeared on the screen with roles in television series `Young mushketery` and` What are you laughing? `.

During the break, the actress played Desdemona (1981) directed by `Otello` Warner Theatre and received a very unflattering reviews from critics (` is not Desdemona, a doll Dezdemony`); in 1982 it was replaced by Dianne Wiest, and then ceased to appear in public.

In 1986 Dotris married British actor Alex Hyde-White; in this marriage, the actress had a son Garrick, but in 1992 the couple separated. In 1994 Dotris married the manager of the company `Universal Studios` Edwin Neylla, and they had two children - Isabella and Griffin.

Later Dotris worked on the dubbing of Disney Rusalochka` `` Beauty and the chudovische` and `Pokahontas`, and in 2004 received the honorary title of `Legends Disneya`.

Author: Yury Utkin

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