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Date of Birth: 09/18/1957

Age: 59

Place of Birth: Baku

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Karen Avanesyan was born in Baku, Azerbaijan USSR; in Baku the same - in the walls of the Baku Institute of Arts - he was educated. In 1985, Karen graduated.

Making people laugh Karen Gareginovich dreamed all his life; in his youth he had planned to become a clown, but in the future fate decreed otherwise. Already in school Avanesyan first tried his hand as a parodist; the first of its `zhertvami` become teachers. Bad boy managed to depict and fantastic heroes. Congenital Avanesyan skills honed under the supervision of specialists in the local drama group.

Artist of Azkontserta Avanesyan began back in 1982. In 1984, he starred in the film `Stolen zheniha`, in 1986 - in the film `Merzavets`; Both these pictures were taken in the studio `Azerbaydzhanfilm`.

In 1987, Avanesyan moved to Moscow, where he lives and works to this day. Karen Gareginovich regularly participated in various competitions; so in 1987 he received a diploma VIII All-Union Competition entertainers. Continued Avanesyan and removed - many remember his role in the film `New odeon`,` `and Impotent` Ultimatum`. Played by Karen Avanesyan and in the series - so the project Viktor Volkov `Life - golf ohoty` he got one of the main roles. There Avanesyan in the bank and a number of roles in the popular comic series `Eralash`.

Now Karen Gareginovich works in the Moscow Theater of humor `Crooked Zerkalo` and performs regularly in various humorous television programs. Along with pop operations - Avanesyan has proved an excellent performer of monologues and miniatures; actor and continues to act in films. At concerts and corporate events Avanesyan is not only in Moscow but also in other Russian cities; enjoy the success of his rooms and in other countries. Karen Gareginovich works not only on their own views; it is known that during the time played from 1991 to 1997-th Avanesyan as compere at concerts of other well-known artists - Philip Kirkorov and Valery Leontiev, Masha Rasputina, Irina Ponarovskaya, Alexei Glyzina and many others.

Now Karen Gareginovich known primarily thanks to pop miniatures and parody numbers; Avanesyan parodied Hakobyan and Etush, Papanova and Nikulin, Dzhigarkhanyan and Zadornov, Brezhnev and Gorbachev, Vladimir Vysotsky, Livanov and Mkrtchyan. Talents parodist Avanesyan demonstrates a variety of ways; so friends know him as the author of the finest cartoons.

In his spare time, Karen Gareginovich loves watching movies (especially for this he bought a decent home theater), taste the oriental dishes (their Avanesyan, according to friends, brilliantly prepared himself) and a walk in the fresh air. Walk Karen Avanesyan prefers summer; it pretty winter dislikes and conducts a home on the couch or in the warmer parts of our planet.

October 9, 2012 th Karen Avanesyan was in intensive care; parodist have had serious heart problems. He felt unwell Karen Gareginovich home; It all began with shortness of breath and chest pains. Initially, doctors believed that heart attack humorist; conducted ultrasound, however, allowed us to refine the diagnosis - Avanesyan have found inflammation of the serous lining of the heart. Doctors at the moment do not make any predictions; it is known only that the next few days will Avanesyan in a hospital room, round the clock under the supervision of qualified professionals.

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