Kaha Bendukidze

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Date of Birth: 04/20/1956

Age: 60

Place of birth: Tbilisi

Citizenship: Georgia


By 1987, scientists found themselves in a very difficult situation. People rushed to science in search of money, looking for the opportunity to earn kak-to, not only in order to survive themselves physically, but also to continue its work. One of these groups, and I was part of biolotov. We started to produce drugs needed for research, we created the "Bioprocess" and engaged in biotechnology. Before "Bioprocess" my friends and I have worked in several cooperatives, which are also produced biological products. Was it easy? No. Easy in the field of alternative economy in our country never had. Then cooperatives treated much the same as it is today in America the idea of ??Clinton to homosexuals serving in the military - with a sense of disgust and rejection. But still mingled and envy. However, for the fact that I have changed my life, it is necessary to thank the party and the government home. We just did not give a quiet life in our institute - the bulk of the founders of "bioprocess" there. About what there is intrigued, what was the mess, it is impossible to tell. I`ll look at some of our politicians and think they have to go to our school, Institutskaya.

Such instability is certainly provoked much hunting to try his hand on the side. I looked at the people who were involved in the new economy, as demigods. Because I never in my life does not trade, produce, presentation of the money had nothing to do, laws, too, with the exception of reading detective stories. I remember, when we formed a cooperative, a friend of mine says, listen, and can open a bank? I was taken aback: how is as much need to know. I only knew that the bank - the building in which the "Bank" is written. Where did the money come from there, I did not know at all. Because try his hand in business for me was a feat. And for everyone, I think, who I went to the cooperative movement, was a feat.

"Bioprocess" - is a holding company, which itself does not carry out any activities. "Bioprocess" - the creator, founder and owner of a number of other companies that are already doing something. Our strategy - production, starting from cosmetic creams and ending with PVC and refining. We have, perhaps, Russia`s first private shipping company "Sea and river transport". Three years ago, we bought two ships of "river-sea" in a terrible state. One can already walk, it is now the second repair. Two subsidiaries NIPEK received a license to develop deposits of titanium and bauxite.

NIPEK - national oil investment and industrial Euro-Asian Corporation - one of the largest companies in Russia. Established "Bioprocess" and the Moscow Oil Exchange, focuses mainly on domestic capital. Little we do and the real estate, we have good partners - the "Bridge Group". Dynamically developing Industrial and Commercial Bank, which we have created. It turned out that the bank is not open as bad as I once thought.

In Russia`s own large-scale production is not possible to start from scratch. We gradually began to realize that the market for our organic products are very small, and immediately popytalil master other types of production. A lot of things that we have produced, in fact, did not have to produce. So what mistakes we made enough. We try to their strength in many ways, no one knows in advance what is good and what is bad. Unfortunately, we must always put "an acute experiment." So it called experience, which can result in the death of the subject. In our situation - the death of the project.

When did you first come up with something new, always comes to mind: why no one did, if so easily? For example, in the case of "Uralmash". Tell me, what is so tough - bought a lot of vouchers went to the national voucher auction, passed them all. That bought a large stake in it, we - to a certain extent luck player. We won, and could lose. But we are not the players, because we know what we need, "Uralmash".


We did not have any initial capital, when we started. Later we realized how important it is to strengthen the capital to trade. Established the assembly of computers, we began to trade with China, not in hard currency, and for a special currency, which came up with themselves.

It amazes me scornful attitude to trade especially by entrepreneurs. Sometimes you look kakuyu-nibud transmission, Chairperson of the Board of exchange or a trading house and says, you do not think bad about us, we have the money in the development of the industry are investing, we are building a plant. Do you think it`s your business, build a factory? Trades good! Of course affects the Soviet mentality, but it is, in my opinion, is superimposed on the traditional feudal system in Russia. One could not be rich by trading. That is a simple neglect of the third estate because of the presence of the first and second. Always in Russia engaged in rogue trading. But in a free market it is impossible to find a "clean" the dealer or "clean" the industrialist. Kak-to was pointless to divide. Smirnov Trading House - vodka producer had they not traded?

In my opinion this is a very useful work - trade. I call myself a practitioner speculator, although this, of course, there is an element zpatazha. Functional excuse for me to play a very important role, and the trade has really helped us to make a breakthrough. Then we realized, and the importance of their own infrastructure, and the unit in which now employs hundreds of people. Too much, but allows the right moment to turn around.

For myself it was a great discovery when I found that I could think about money, about finances, that may not be very professional and nice, but I did it. I had never engaged in buying and selling, I even gave a bribe once in a lifetime - 10 rubles to quickly obtain a passport instead of the lost.


Now there is a division of property, as they say, the body of Russia. And who is now time to - and he has time. The source of wealth in this country could be the three areas of activity: the bowels; land and property; finance. We are trying to act in all these areas, but most importantly - finance. I, unfortunately too late, realized that in our country there is no prominent financiers. And ordinary we are slowly catching up.

In the industrial sector there is fierce competition between the new and the existing state of private industry, which razaktsioniruy though, it is from this will not soon cease to be a state, and the scope of activities it has others. Can not some corporation generated from individual contributions, to build a plant type or Avtovaz AZLK. Banks are all commercial - is the realm of pure competition. We hope to win this fight to become a large organization.

What we really sdel Ali, so it set up a holding open joint stock company - NIPEK, completed its authorized share capital to the share issue launched. Then the word is - holding - little known in Russia.

In general, we really started from scratch: no accounting, no warehouse, no machine, and now our net assets gde-to from 20 to 30 ppm doll., and the number of employees in all groups up to 1,000 people.

Ownership and power.

My own capital in the amount anywhere from a percent to ten percent. The money in the first stage so wanted to earn money for private consumption is not so important. They just measure of success, or something. Much more important was the process in which I entered. Ravaged terrible, but not because it will lose livelihood, the worst - a shame, inadequacy, that the masses of people that are now provided with work, will be on the street. And then the business - it is the sort of thing that can be practiced anywhere, universal, that is Russian businessman better than the US and he is trying to create conditions for their business, which can not, of course, the Russian scientist.

The social function of business - is getting a very large profit. And it is very important to me that I personally have property assets in the form of property gives a completely different perception of the world. I have always, as a child dreamed of owning a house with land, and now want to buy a property in the form of real estate. I had none of this. In terms of standard of Consumer my lifestyle has not changed much. And the advantages of the new social status, I do not feel, but if you analyze, hardly four years ago, I could think of that I will speak with ministers, deputy prime ministers, members of parliament.

Real power does not interest me. We are trying to cultivate a corporate management method. But, of course, on their local level, I make decisions and bear responsibility for them. In general, the issue of personnel, recruitment - a sore point. I am quite disappointed in experts and try to entice smarter friends. I`m going to - in any way hands do not reach - to organize an ad in the press - mathematicians, physicists, chemists, biologists, "If you want to engage in banking, finance, investment, please call." We have a very mobile structure, there is no permanent workers, all on six-month contract, but the composition is almost does not change all the time, however, increased. Fired for stupidity. There is a basic salary and bonuses. Sometimes the apartment or car. And all keep in the black body to save. A strict hierarchy with a chief in our mobile organizations can not be. Basically, the principle of division of labor, I call it "a staff", when the lieutenant may not solve the issue with the General.

business philosophy.

Formation of the business establishment should theoretically result in 10 years It will consist of two parts: the largest owners and managers of large. Major owners of the origin will be out of the shadow economy, science and bureaucracy, and the managers - of the technical intelligentsia. A large shadow businesses can not become a major employer. Tsehoviki, for example, it is the same manufacturer, and as we have said, an industrialist in Russia can grow quickly. Many of today`s directors of enterprises will not even mid-level managers. Vo-pervyh, these people are not able to keep the words, understanding them mean nothing, vo-vtoryh they are dependents. I would never in my head to come and say, "You know, I really need the money. Give them to me." It is necessary, then I`ll make them. I will not forget, when Yeltsin was in Tyumen, one spoke and said:

"Boris Nikolayevich, it`s a disgrace, how are we to work can not? Give us technology, money and materials, and we had built this!" Yeltsin said, of course - give, give. Or one director recently spoke: "If we do not think about money, sales, parts, we have produced a product!" I know some very large heads smart people, but this is an exception, which I am personally very surprised. The majority of the complete lack of business integrity.

And when they bet the government reform - a strange and sad. I Gaidar said that they did, that the country has become a hostage of these people. Their aktsioniruesh, and they will come and claim subsidies.


If Gorbachev`s government at all was beyond good and evil, that Gaidar, and Present completely detached from the real world. But the bulk of his illness is not this, but the absence of the rod. It was ridiculous to even suggest that Gaidar manages the power ministers. Another important issue, which I, incidentally, is conveyed to the top, and of no use, is the lack of ability to work steadily. You can ensure that the Parliament will only accept good government laws - only good decisions, the president - the right orders, but if you do it often, it will be very bad. When we say that we have a law on the enterprise is bad and it must be immediately improved, my heart just dropped. No need to improve it. What is. We lived like, nothing. Already nauluchshali: tax law improved - now do not understand how to work with banks. It is impossible to work under the swing, which, moreover, all the time stuck in one position: anyone money will not give, we maintain tight lending policies. Then: ah-ah-ah, let`s all take, take another, then the tight credit again ...

That`s why I am a supporter of hard authoritarian rule, although I`m not really see the strength or personality able to carry it out. We all caricature, caricatures country: dwarf Party struggle with dwarf ministers supported or struggle with dwarf entrepreneurs. But consolidation is. Although difficult. Because all businesses in Russia today fancy themselves great. He did not hochet`byt "one of", he wants to be "the most." If we could come together politically, we would have achieved a lot, have agreed on many things, but no. "Why do I need all this I will do everything myself?" - This approach. And a strong hand very interested in many; and this has not yet formed together this social force, is interested in the dictator, autocrat, who have published their own laws and comply.

Not formed, although the limit of tolerance with respect to the actions of the authorities come, and we must take chto-to create maybe kakoy-to public body, which will ask for advice about important decisions in the economic sphere in those who it is practically engaged. For example, we decided to create a state investment corporation. What do you think? We say that we think is bad because it may not be the subject of such a market, which is also the company for guarantees of the state bank.

Government Gaidar hated businessmen. It accepted only those who personally knew on nomenclature structures, including from academia. And the rest, of whom they have not heard - shopkeepers, former black-marketeers, Komsomol, ie rags all, they stole it. No, the money-they are all very much want and takes bribes majority, but such an attitude. They and by employers are not perceived as statesmen. Zavlab yesterday, today, Minister, somewhere else tomorrow trailers.

In this situation, it is necessary to create a serious, real political party, because other methods of influence of mankind has not invented. But the party Borovoy I am restrained.


I - a citizen of Russia, although my motherland - Georgia. And I believe that Russia can be saved and to avoid blood. Only the main evil today - regionalization. I would try for the slightest separation within Russia - executed as the governor for trying to influence the work of the enterprise, for the establishment of customs barriers within Russia. This is one of the greatest dangers. Our governor is possible to resent the fact that commercial banks are free to decide to whom to give credit, and the area of ??the administration ceases to pay tax to the federal budget.

The necessary measure today - hard protectionism of the domestic business, as long as we open it happens "jamming". If now again be created export-impornye state kakie-to monsters and again people will be able to dispose of huge public state or if will start up here, foreign banks - all end.

Let me explain - why. In this country, we lived a dark, downtrodden people, who had no opportunity to realize their potential. In this capacity they were no worse than in America, not worse, than the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and all sorts of other Swedes. These people said, guys, here we give you an opportunity to do. They began to crawl out of burrows, shake off off the ground, dust, get up slowly, one hand based, on the other, there is hope and stand on your feet. Now they say: guys, we have a market, we have a free country, let`s compete; here comes the tank - will compete with him. Give the same to these people try to make a deal! A bank with an authorized capital of 500 mln. USD. In size is equal to all the largest banks in Russia together. All. They initially will operate without a profit, at minimum commissions. They`ll be the best and the cheapest. But pervaded everywhere and find people to work - for a salary of $ 5 million a year... It`s pointless to talk about healthy competition, which we are supposedly afraid.

I consider Russia one of the most interesting countries. In our country a lot of sleeping knights, Ilya Muromets. All future great politicians and entrepreneurs, financiers and warlords somewhere now work in Kursk, Uryupinsk, Omsk and have no idea about its purpose. Just as the fates decree, issued history on the surface of those people who were at the center and were poorly secured. If scientists could quietly do their work, receive public funding, it would not have broken from their seats. In other words, they are poorly secured, as well as others for various reasons. We general kind foam. And tomorrow Ilya Muromets is asleep.

Source: "Businessmen of Russia"