Kabir Bedi

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Date of Birth: 01/16/1946

Age: 70

Place of birth: Punjab

Citizenship: India


Author: Olga Dunchik

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Kabir Bedi was born in India, in the Punjab - 16 of January 1946. In addition to his family had two children. Kabir`s mother was an avid priverzhenka Buddhism, his father - a philosopher and a capable writer.

At the time, Kabir Bedi got a good education. Initially, he studied at a prestigious local school, and after - Sherwood enrolled in college (in Nainital).

Kabir Bedi different thrust to the art. The future actor liked the theater and cinema, and besides, he himself felt a significant potential actor.

Soon Indian aspiring actor first starred in the movie and began to actively play in the theater. He performed a variety of roles - from Shakespeare`s Othello and finishing magnificent villain (enemy of the world famous James Bond, for example), and emperors.

Very soon, the actor has become one of the most popular in Bollywood (the largest center of the Indian film industry). During his work in India, Kabir Bedi acted in sixty Indian films Bollywood.

Among other things, the actor was (and still it is) an extremely well-known in the Indian television. He leads a variety of television shows, fans who are the audience numerous countries. He has his own show.

When Kabir first appeared on American television, the same hour of the same fame and wandered there. He starred in the television series, and also worked as a principal of various TV shows. His professionalism and charisma attracted a large number of television and movie lovers all over the world.

Kabir Bedi has managed to become famous, and on Italian television, acting in movies there the well-known directors.

Currently, behind Indian actor Kebir Bedi significant creative achievements. His acting career - it`s all sorts of roles in theater, film and television, which Kebir performed on three continents in over thirty years.

Today, Indian actor Kebir Bedi continues to creative activities. He is a member of the Hollywood Academy of Arts - nominates worthy of the award "Oscar", for example.

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