Juozas Kiselius

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Date of Birth: 06/22/1949

Age: 41

Birthplace: Joniskis

Citizenship: Lithuania


Winner of USSR State Prize (1983, for participation in the TV movie "The Long Road in the Dunes").

Failed forester

Juozas Kisielius was born in a small Lithuanian town of Joniskis. From an early age the boy took an active part in the initiative, but serious about acting thought. After high school, he wanted to enter the Forestry Academy and become a forester. But fate decreed otherwise, and in 1967 Juozas Kisielius, unexpectedly for himself, entered the Vilnius Conservatory to the department of acting.

The young man immersed himself in his studies and soon could not imagine life without theater. Already in his student years he began to work on the stage. Among the roles of those years - Carl Riips in the play of the Estonian writer Kaugvera "Friendly Island". The actor recalled his hero: "Karl - a young head of mine - was no longer just a friend, but also authority, tutor. I realized then that these valuable qualities as compassion, kindness, have many faces, and the boundary between genuinely heroic and mundane is primarily determined by the scale of the individual, the gift of a man keen on the idea, to find like-minded people, to lead them. "

In 1972 he graduated from the Vilnius Juozas Kisielius conservatory and enrolled in Vilnius Academic Drama Theatre. His first job in the theater was the role of Charlie in the "School for Scandal" Sheridan.

Theatre Juozas gave many years. His repertoire was diverse: it is Shakespeare Fenton ( "Windsor successor") and Edmund ( "King Lear"), it is Yang in the "First day of freedom" Kruczkowski, and Bulgakov in "elder son" Vampilov, and many other heroes, favorite Lithuanian theater audience ...

The first role in the movie

In the movie, Juozas Kisielius began acting in 1974. He debuted the role of a young, charming Vilimas, seeker of water, the film director Gytis Lukshasa "bells". Three years later, the young actor from vnovsnyalsya Lukshasa in his painting "The wreath of oak leaves." He played a destitute laborer Klemensasa, an honest, sincere, which is alien to all violence. Although this role was not a major, but that it largely determines the mood of the entire picture.

Generally early heroes Juozas Kisielius distinguished qualities such as openness, honesty, kindness. The same way, for example, it was established in the short film "Green nymph" (based on a story by Ray Bradbury "Dolly"). About his characters the actor said: "These people attracted me with its spiritual purity, courage, conviction. However, I`m not talking about the heroes. My characters, those who are called goodies, just honest, good people, faithful to his word, faithful to duty, a sense ... And this, in my opinion, not the heroic traits of these qualities - the norm for humans. " It is noteworthy that in the life of Juozas was the same - an honest, vulnerable and very romantic ...

Works Juozas Kisielius did not go unnoticed, and in 1978 the actor was invited to one of the main roles in the film directed by Calle Kiya "price death ask the dead." Kisielius was entrusted with the role of a revolutionary, Bolshevik leader - underground Anton Sommer. And it was necessary to play the hero in Estonian Estonian movie, and the actor is the Estonian language is not owned ... The task Kisielius coped best. His character was very memorable - sparing of words, reserved, taciturn people, mainly focused on an intense spiritual life.

In the same year Juozas Kisielius starred in Almantas Grikyavichusa "The person on the target." On this work the actor recalled with special gratitude, because after a number of goodies for the first time he got a negative character. The role of the journalist Harold March, entered convictions for the sake of selfish goals, became, in the words of the actor, "a breath of fresh air ..."

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