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Birthday : 13.12.1952 year

Age: 45 years

Date of Death : 02.06.1998 year

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Sylvester Ritter

Original name: Sylvester Ritter


American professional wrestler and a talented footballer, fame which came during his performances within organizations Mid-South Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation. He fought under the name of Junkyard Dog (or short - JYD).One of the significant achievements Ritter is its presentation in the Hall of Fame The Sports Hall Of Fame.

Junkyard Dog - Sylvester Ritter was born on 13 December 1952, the first year. He was from an early age interested in sports. Originally it was a football. Sylvester was known as a good football player when he studied at the University Fayetteville State University.When - it has managed to achieve real success in football.

Perhaps Ritter and would be achieved in an extremely high level of football, if one is not seriously damaged knee. He had to undergo surgery and - leave football forever.

Later - Junkyard Dog - Sylvester Ritter (Sylvester Ritter) engaged in professional wrestling. In the early eighties the wrestler began to act under the auspices of the Mid-South Wrestling and at the same time got the name for performances in the ring - Junkyard Dog.

A talented wrestler fought with strong and well-known fighters, and every time the fans showed their own originality and unique - sometimes extremely violent - methods.

In 1984-the year wrestler left

Mid-South and became worthy to act within the framework of promotion World Wrestling Federation. For example, Junkyard Dog won the classic event The Wrestling Classic tournament (which is the first in the WWF history).

In 1990, the Junkyard Dog -Sylvester Ritter (Sylvester Ritter) briefly appeared in World Championship Wrestling and within it has won several titles.

Professional wrestling career continued until the last day of his life. Among other things, Sylvester was organizing some events wrestler, and also led the coaching.

Junkyard Dog -Sylvester Ritter (Sylvester Ritter) died June 2, 1998 year - in a car accident. He fell asleep at the wheel, returning home with her daughter.

By the way, his daughter (survivor LaToya Ritter) was present at a ceremony in the Hall of Fame WWE Hall of Fame in 2004, the year and presented his own father ,whose name is included in the list of outstanding wrestlers.

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