June And Jennifer Gibbons

Picture of June And Jennifer Gibbons

Date of Birth: 04/11/1963

Age: 30

Citizenship: United States

The Silent Twins, or as silent sister Gibbons?

June and Jennifer Gibbons (June and Jennifer Gibbons) were born in one day and one hour in 1963 and grew up in Wales (Wales). Their parents - Gloria Gibbons and Aubrey (Gloria and Aubrey Gibbons) were originally from the Caribbean, and there was their little sister named Rose (Rose) in the family besides the Twins. June and Jennifer behaved very strangely since childhood - they do not talk, but perfectly communicated with each other. Soon they found out a speech impediment, but it seemed not the reason for their silence - the parents were surprised to have stated that the whole vast world around as if does not exist for the twins - he locked in on themselves and have been completely satisfied with only each other`s company.

As time went on, and all of June and Jennifer remained silent. However, together they expressed themselves very well - to them a slave language, to others is unclear. The school, which determined the girls, they had hard - they have become targets for cruel peers, and soon the school administration has been forced to constantly send them home.

During this period, June and Jennifer was decided to separate - they are sent to different boarding schools, so far from each other, they were able to socialize and begin to perceive the world around us. Alas, each of the sisters in on itself even more, and soon had to admit that this experiment failed. However, the world was only one man with whom Jennifer June and communicated properly - their younger sister Rose, that girls just adored her and devote all of their games, and later stories, they began writing together.

Once the idea of ??boarding a fiasco, June and Jennifer were closed in her room for a couple of years, and during that time started to write the book. Stories they were very entertaining, plot, but a few countries, with unexpected twists and characters. So, they wrote several novels, as well as having read something on tape, dedicating it all the same rose.

Alas, to sell their novels sister and could not, even after at least one of them, `Pepsi-Cola Addict`, has become a rare collector`s book.

In the late 1970s the sisters committed several minor crimes like arson, and as a result the two got into a psychiatric hospital Broadmoor Hospital, where they spent a long 14 years. Over the years, all sorts of them seriously treated with psychotropic drugs, after which both lost their writing skills and write ceased altogether. It is known that after the hospital, Jennifer began to suffer from a mental disorder.

It turned out that for a long time there was an agreement between the sisters, that if one of them dies, the other for it will be a signal to start to speak and live a normal life. And finally, after years of hospital sisters have found that one of them must go. Jennifer volunteered himself June agreed.

Soon, an event that still puts the medicine to a dead end - in 1993, Jennifer suddenly died from acute myocarditis, which seemed to have arisen from nothing. It was weird and unexplainable, but no traces of violent death or suicide was not - it really looked like death due to heart patients.

Alone June, as agreed sisters began to talk slowly.

Later, she said in an interview that now feels free, and Jennifer is his death gave her life. She then gave a number of interviews, including for `Harper`s Bazaar` and` The Guardian`.

It is known that over time, June, and which continued to live with their parents, quite accustomed to life, began to communicate and not in need of psychiatric care. According to some reports, she even began to live in a civil marriage. Books she never wrote.

Case Silent twins forever remain a mystery to psychiatrists, psychologists and linguists, as well as for speech therapists and pediatricians.