Juliya Lemmertz

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Date of Birth: 03/18/1963

Age: 53

Place of birth: Porto Alegre

Citizenship: Brazil


Author: Olga Montchoisi

Website: Celebrities

Despite the deceptive appearance of a defenseless, Julia always get their way. So it was with a choice professii.Doch actors Lillian Lemmetts and Linnaeus Diaz, Julia Lemmertts never doubted that would be an actress, although it kept telling everyone that dreams of becoming a veterinarian, because the parents did not want to adorable daughter went to get a hard cast hleb.No her childhood was spent between theater and film studios, where parents took little Zhuliyu, resulting in six years, she played her first, a tiny role in the theater, and in eight debuted in cinema.

Later her whole career was divided between theater and cinema, and Julia still can not decide what to her vazhnee.Iz his theatrical works, Julia loves his latest work the most is the play "Three Sisters" by Chekhov. The actress loves to do the works of Russian classics, as recognized genius of Stanislavski said. On account of the actress a huge number of TV shows, performances and films. Julia tries equally razdelitsvoe time between these three areas and that her excellent work. Only because of this creative load, the actress is often complain about the lack of free time. Although with her husband, she manages to leave not for a long time. After her husband Zhulii also an actor and also a man "whom any mother wants to get a husband for her daughter," this is how to write about it in a Brazilian zhurnale.On educated, intelligent, charming, talented, calm and passionate at the same time. He is a native of Santos, from the fine family, mother ballet dancer, father of Alexander Theatre rezhisser.On Borges, known to viewers from Nelio role in the TV series "Mad Money." With Zhuliey they met in 1990 on the set and immediately found a common language. But while nothing happened between them, as both actors were busy (Julia was still married to her first husband Alvaro Osorio) .A three years later happen again brought them together at the filming and since then their friendship start something prevraschatsyav more. Soon Julia and Alessandro have stated about the wedding and since then no longer separate. They are so often become partners on stage and TV shows that they have been called "the most inseparable pair in Brazil." Both spouses enthusiastically speak about each other, "I feel proud of what I had the good fortune to be a husband and a partner at work, my beautiful Zhulii" says Alessandro, Julia and keeps repeating, "this is a great luxury to live and work with such a person like Alex. " In spite of these candy-lofty statements, the couple love and criticize each other during operation, but despite this, both assert that the profession for them is not important, but the main thing is the simple human relations between them-love and trust, kindness and vzaimoponimanie.Seychas Julia, Alessandro and daughter Louise (daughter of the first marriage of the actress) live in a comfortable and spacious house in Rio de Janeiro. Their relationship is complete harmony reigns, Julia argues that stage of disagreement, jealousy, and other stages of forming the basis of the formation of any marriage, they are long gone. And now they are together engaged in the construction of his acting career. Fulfilled their dream -zhit and work together. Daughter grows up and also dreams of a career of actress. And most of all happy and trouble in the family delight is their common child, little son Miguel. Both parents adore their beloved son, but they admittedly, major nanny he is Pope Alessandro.

From the very first day of the appearance of the baby born, Alessandro completely independently bathe him, change diapers, and all for the recognition of the actor "can not live a minute without a dear Miguel." He refused several profitable scenarios as soon as by the fact that shooting will take place far away from home and have to part with her baby. And Julia often plays a trick on him and calls the "mad dad" to which Alexander only laughs and says he would not mind to have another couple of young Borges. Both are perfectly happy.

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