Julius Ged

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Citizenship: France


One of the greatest leaders of the French labor movement. During the Paris Commune (1871) Ged - then a revolutionary Blanquist - tried in the south of France in the mountains. Montpellier to organize support for the insurgent Parisian proletariat. After the defeat of the Commune Ged fled to Italy, where he returned to France after the amnesty. Since the late 70s Ged becomes a Marxist and Marxist founds newspaper "Equality". However, Lafargue, Guesde founded the French Workers` Party, the program for which was written by Marx. For several decades, Ged led a relentless struggle against reformism and anarchism, speaking as a revolutionary Marxist. On the basis of disagreement with zhoresizmom and ministerialism, developed, vofrantsuzskoy Workers` Party, Ged came out of it in 1900 and founded the "Socialist Party of France." In 1904 Congress II International, in Amsterdam, made Ged reunite with Jaures. From the II International old leaders Ged was the most uncompromising advocate of revolutionary Marxism, speaking sometimes even against Kautsky. Although after obedineniyaGed criticized zhoresizma and anarcho-syndicalism, but from this point on will undoubtedly begin a gradual slide towards opportunism Geda. The war turned the old Ged in the social-patriots. He even introduced a minister without portfolio in the cabinet Viviani. In recent years, Ged physically could not take part in the movement, and died in 1923.