Julie Walters

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Date of Birth: 02/22/1950

Age: 66

Place of birth: Midlands

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Light Konfetkina

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Julie Walters (full name Marie Julie Walters) was born February 22, 1950 in West Midlands - in a family Catholic Mary Bridget (nee O `Brien) and Thomas Walters (builder and decorator).

At the time, the future actress was in high school for girls Holly Lodge Grammar School and has already acquired a reputation there is extremely mobile and too undisciplined young ladies (one - after another incident - she even offered to leave school).

When Julie Walters (Julie Walters) was eighteen years old, she began to learn to nurse within one year of practice in the hospital Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Around the same time Julie had met his first love, the guy who had the most direct impact on the future fate of Walters. Thanks to him, Julie gave up a career nurse and went to Manchester, there to learn the language and drama at the prestigious school Manchester Metropolitan University.

The same - in Manchester - Julie Walters (Julie Walters) met comedienne Victoria Woods, with whom she worked afterwards. In 1982, the year, for example, Julie and Victoria created its own project, called

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