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Date of Birth: 04/14/1941

Age: 75

Place of birth: Assam

Citizenship: United Kingdom


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Julie Christie was born April 14, 1941 in India. It is a well-known British actress, not just nominated for "Oscar" and "a BAFTA `.

Julie Christie was born and spent her childhood in a remote Indian state of Assam. She grew up in a wealthy and respected family, her parents were big tea planters. Father Julie wanted that to his daughter received a good education and a good feeling in any society, so it was decided to send their daughter to a convent school, no matter what she instilled decent manners and taught etiquette.

Becoming a Woman, Julia decided to move to the UK, as in India, it could not find a place. It was after leaving the parental home, she decided to take a daring and desperate step, to become an actress. Parents did not like this idea, but they were too far and could not control the actions of their daughter.

Julie Christie started acting in films. It has always played an interesting role. The actress adored images of modern and open-minded women, not chained foundations of society and the family traditions. She brought to the cinema a lot of flashy images and characters, giving a complete predstavleniedamah those times.

The most famous early works of the actress was the film "Billy Liar" and "Darling", released on the big screen in the early 1960s. For his role in the film "Darling" Julie Christie won the "Oscar" as "Best Actress". It came the famous painting "Far from the Madding Crowd" in 1967.

In 1965, the actress played one of their most important and prominent roles. It was the image of Lara in the film "Doctor Zhivago."

In 1971 Julie Christie was nominated for "Oscar" for the starring role in "McCabe & Mrs. Miller."

Best film with Julie Christie can be called: "Belphegor - ghost Louvre," "At sunset", "Hamlet", "Heart of the Dragon", "Fools of Fortune", "Power", "The dust and heat," "Heaven Can Wait" .

His last role played by Julie Christie in the film "Finding Neverland," "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban," "Troy."

Julie Christie closed and lonely man. She never married, but had a lot of fans and admirers. In 2006, the actress has reappeared in the starry sky, after a nomination for her role in "Away from Her".

At the moment, she is trying to devote more time to rest and your health.

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