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Date of Birth: 01/13/1983

Age: 33

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Julian was born in north London (North London), in the family of Glen (Glen) and Andrea Morris (Andrea Morris). Parents Julian - South African Jews; It happened some time to live in South Africa (South Africa) and to Morris.

For the first time as an actor Morris tried his London theater Anna Scher Theatre. This is where the 13-year-old caught the eye of the director of the cult at the time of the `The Knock`; shortly thereafter, Julian got a new role. Training under the guidance of Anna Sher Morris was still eight years; During this time he managed to star in several television shows, movies and commercials and elaborate three seasons with the Royal Shakespeare Company (Royal Shakespeare Company). Morris had the opportunity to work with Steven Pimlott (Steven Pimlott) and Tim Albury (Tim Albery), Elijah Moshinsky (Elijah Moshinsky) and Simon Russell Beale (Simon Russell Beale), Samuel West (Samuel West) and Roger Allam (Roger Allam). All these people are strongly influenced the formation of Morris as an actor.

In 2002, Julian has played a major role in the pilot edition of the show `Young Arthur `(` Young Arthur `), in 2005 he was given the role in` `Cry Wolf, and in 2006 - in` Whirly Girl `. Following was a role in the relatively warm adopted at the Sundance Film Festival (Sundance Film Festival) film `Boat trip` ( `Donkey Punch`). Later, Morris played in the film `` Operation Valkyrie `` ( `Valkyrie`). Following was a supporting role in the slasher `Sorority Row` and the role of the agent Owen (Agent Owen) in the series `` 24. For a while Julian appeared in the popular TV series `Ambulance` ( `ER`); where he played Dr. Andrew Wade (Dr. Andrew Wade).

In the fall of 2010, Morris starred in a documentary type show channel ABC `My Generation`; This show, however, was canceled after two episodes iz-za low ratings. Not long ago, Julian appeared in a cameo in another project channel, Pretty Little Liars, `` ( `Pretty Little Liars`).

In October of 2012 on the screens will be released film of the British Film Institute `Kelly + Victor `(` Kelly + Victor `); it Morris played a major role.

In 2012 Julian joined the acting troupe of the series `Long davno` (` Once Upon A Time`).

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