Juli Depardieu

Picture of Juli Depardieu

Date of birth: 18.06.1973

Age: 43

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: France

The father did not invite me to your restaurant

Julie started with small roles in films with her famous father. Out of the Shadows figure of this magnitude, which embodies France for the world, it was not an easy task. But modest and cheerful Julie did not give up: starred in 5 - 7 films a year and, like a frog, whipped cream ... and achieved fame. Now she is working with the best French directors - Claude Miller, Andre silence, in the movie that she played a major role on a par with Sophie Marceau, Emmanuelle Beart, Jeanne Moreau and the other French stars.

Very simple and joviality girl Julie did not like the lady who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. Thank her father has not spoiled, not seduced and disheartening. It is in itself - and strongly emphasizes its own uniqueness and extravagance. The eclectic bohemian outfit on the brink of a foul, rosette in her hair and pink radio ready. Julie constantly listens to him.

Blata in the movie does not exist

- What kind of music you listen to, Julie?

- Only the classics. My boyfriend - a cellist. Immediately after the interview, I ran to him at the concert.

- Your career gained momentum slowly. Starry name of the father`s stopping you?

- Well, I did not help ... It is impressive, perhaps, everyone except me. But cronyism in the film does not exist. If my father was the star of the post office and I took a job in the mail, perhaps I could take back. And in the movie ... Imagine, the director of 2 or 3 years writing his script, then the same amount of time looking for money on it. Did he agree to give the actress an important role, which does not suit him, only iz-za that he kto-to recommend it? Besides, I`m not so ambitious person. I did not have to break the goal. I certainly do not aspire to play Phaedra or Ophelia. I was offered the role - if I like them, I agree. That`s all. My father had nothing to do with it.

- In Russia, like the show with your participation "The Count of Monte Cristo." He always goes with a big rating.

- All, of course, think that once my father played the Count of Monte Cristo, and then I have to pull it rubbed. But this is not the case. Filmmaker Jose Dayan I know for a long time. Incidentally, because of it, not the father I went to the movies. In addition to the "Monte Cristo," I was shot at Jose in the series "The Accursed Kings" on the novel by Maurice Druon and "My Lady," based on Alexander Dumas. In the latter I played Constance Bonacieux, but he seems not yet familiar Russian audience.