Juhan Ulfsak

Picture of Juhan Ulfsak

Date of birth: 18.04.1973

Age: 43

Place of birth: Tallinn

Citizenship: Estonia


Author: Igor BIN

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Johan Ulfsak - son of the famous Estonian actor Lembit Ulfsak. Johan is in the troupe Theatre Von Krahl in Tallinn. Busy in the performances: "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare (Hamlet), "The Seagull" by Anton Chekhov (Konstantin).

In the movie, Johan Ulfsak debuted back in 15-year-old Morten role, the son of Dr. Stockman in the movie "Enemy of respectable society." The actor starred in many films, Estonian filmmakers: "Stylish party" (Erki), "Big thief Martin" (Jukka), "Kelco sniffer" (inspector of criminal police Kysta), "Yang Uuspyld rides in Tartu" (Valev), "Autumn ball "(architect Maurer) and others.

Russian viewers could get acquainted with the actor for the thriller "The Witch," directed by Oleg Fesenko, where he starred with his father. Ulfsak Sr. played the sheriff and Ulfsak Jr. - his assistant. In 2010, father and son co-starred in the Russian-Estonian film "Red Mercury".

Fil tomography:

1988 Enemy respectable society

1992 Secret lamb / Lammas all paremas nurgas (Estonia)

2005 Stylish party / Stiilipidu (Estonia)

2005 Big robber Martin / Roovlirahnu Martin (Estonia)

2006 Empty beach / Tuhirand (Estonia) - Short

2006 Elusive Miracle / Elusive miracle / Tabamata ime (Estonia)

2006 Kelco sniffer / | Kelgukoerad (Estonia)

2006 Witch

2006 Ruudi / Ruudi (Estonia)

2007 Jan Uuspyld rides in Tartu / 186 Kilometers (Estonia)

2007 Autumn Ball / Autumn Ball / Sugisball (Estonia)

2008 spoiled the mood / Tujurikkuja (Estonia) - Short

2008 December Heat | Detsembrikuumus (Estonia)

2009 The Temptation of St. Anthony / Temptation of St. Tony, The / Puha Tonu kiusamine (Finland, Sweden, Estonia)

2010 Red Mercury / Red Quicksilver / Punane elavhobe (-Estonia Russia)

2010 Lonely Island (Belarus)