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Date of birth: 29.12.1971

Age: 44

Place of birth: Leviskhem

Citizenship: United Kingdom

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Start a career

Jude Law was born in London on December 29, 1972. Judah`s father worked as a teacher in elementary school, and his mother taught English in high school. In addition to his son parents raised eldest daughter Natasha, who is currently engaged in a photo.

In 14 years, Jude went to study in a private school, as in the former, he is constantly at odds with her classmates. From an early age he was involved in the theater circle, and parents encouraged his interest. In 6 years, Lowe played in his first play, and in 12 he was accepted into the National Youth Music Theatre. In 1986 he made his debut on television - an aspiring actor appeared in the transfer of `Pocket dengi`.

Camera fascinated Judah, and he promised himself that is sure to become an actor. For the filming of the television series `Semya` he even dropped out of school. And now, the actor does not regret his actions. According to him, on television, he was able to discover their talents, so in the movie come already prepared. In addition, a major role in the development of career Lowe played theater. His debut on the London stage came in 1992 in the play `The fastest clock in Vselennoy`. This production was named best theatrical premiere of the year.

In 1994, Jude Law got the lead role in the thriller `Shopping`, but his debut was unsuccessful - the film flopped at the box office, but few people paid attention to the actor. But on the set of pictures Lowe met with the actress Sadie Frost. They began dating and were married in 1997.

Career in the cinema evolved not very successful, but in the theater Lowe shine. The play `Neskromnost` created a furor in the US and brought Judah Award nomination` Toni` for supporting actress. After the films `Uayld` (1997), in which Lowe starred Alfred Douglas, he was invited to Hollywood. However, it took a few years, the actor has been gaining popularity.

Worldwide popularity

This recognition Jude Law received after the release of the movie `The Talented Mr. Ripli` (1999), which had a huge success at the box office. The role of the playboy Dickie Greenleaf was performed Lowe brilliantly and earned him a nomination for `Oscar`. Critics wrote that the young actor managed to convey is the best way of Dickey - causing hostility and, at the same time very addictive.

After the success of `The Talented Mr. Lowe Ripli` career skyrocketed. Movies` Enemy at vorot` (2001) and `Artificial razum` (2001) proved that the actor has an extraordinary talent. The crime drama `Cursed put` (2002) Jude managed to achieve even more - he pushed the boundaries of their usual roles, playing a dowdy assassin Harlen Maguire. This role is strongly stated his previous works in film and showed that the actor is capable of playing a variety of characters.

The year 2003 was one of the most successful in the career of Law. The epic drama `Cold gora` (2003), in which the actor played with such stars as Renee Zellvegr and Nicole Kidman, earned him a nomination for` Oscar `in the category` best akter`. At this time, Jude appeared in the form Inman soldiers fighting during the civil war on the side of the southerners. The film has collected a huge desk and put Lowe`s on a par with the best Hollywood actors.

In contrast, career, personal life Judah brewing crisis. Despite the fact that he and Sadie raised three children - sons Rafferty and daughter Iris and Ruby - their marriage is still broke. The reason for the divorce, the spouse who drew up in 2003, has been a constant on the set of Lo employment. Sadie accused her husband that he almost did not pay attention to it, because of what she started postpartum depression. Scandals in the family fueled rumors that Jude changes the wife with a partner on the film `Cold gora` Nicole Kidman. However, according to Kidman, no romance between them was not, and she even had to sue several publications for libel.

Jude Law is not long remained a bachelor. In 2004, while filming `Handsome Alfie, or What do the muzhchiny` Jude met with actress Sienna Miller. More precisely, several contenders he chose Sienna for the role of Nikki. Since the girl had little experience of filming in a movie, they met several times to rehearse the scenes together. Gradually, a friendship grew into love, and soon the actor made an official statement that meets the Mille Recent works

Already a well-known actor, Lowe continued to improve, appearing sometimes in the most unusual way. His role in the comedy `serdets` Crackers (2004), a psychological drama` Blizost` (2004), the thriller `All the King rat` (2006), the audience liked and were highly appreciated by the critics. The immense popularity acquired film Guy Ritchie`s Sherlock `Holms` (2009), in which Lowe played other Holmes - Dr. Watson. In 2011 he released another film about a restless detective `Sherlock Holmes: A Game teney`.

Details of the personal life of the actor never went to the tabloids bands. In 2005, it was reported that Jude has changed Sienna with the nanny of his children. A year later they split up, but in 2009 again resumed their relationship. In February 2011, the couple broke up completely. Other than that, Lowe had a short affair with the New Zealand model Samantha Burke, who in 2009 gave birth to the actor`s daughter Sophia.

Recent movies with Jude Law - `effekt` Side (2013),` Heminguey` House (2013), `Budapesht` Grand Hotel (2014) - secured him a position as one of the best actors in Hollywood. However, Lowe believes his best role yet to come. The actor admits that he is not one of those who likes to work from start to finish. However, if required by the contract, he is willing to go the extra mile. Lowe considers himself a gay man, and very much appreciates the innocence. He dreams to the feeling back in cinema.

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