Juan Raul Garza

Picture of Juan Raul Garza

Age: 44

Citizenship: United States

federal level drug trafficker

In 1993, Garza was convicted of the murder of three; Juan committed his crime during the regular operations of drug trafficking in Brownsville, Texas (Brownsville, Texas). Garza was sentenced to death; however, the killer almost immediately filed an appeal - it allegedly was not warned that he has the right to replace the death penalty with life imprisonment. In addition, the lawyers Juan actively insisted that the prosecution introduced the jury misleading stories about the four murders committed Garza in Mexico - indeed, a drug dealer for some time been suspected of involvement in the killings, but officially prove his guilt could not - in fact even the court charges in the case brought against Juan and was not.

Persuading Judges is not able to review; drug dealer, however, so simply did not want to give up. Numerous appeals repeatedly returned to failures; only one of them could almost work. For a while it seemed that Garza saves the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (Inter-American Commission on Human Rights) - 4 December 2000, they reviewed the case of Juan, and the next day said the State Department (State Department), that a hearing was a violation of a number of basic legal norms. IACHR considered that the state government should abolish the death penalty and to continue the consideration of his case - this time, with great respect to legal practitioners. Active correspondence ensued; Finally, on March 6, 2001, the government decided that, despite the validity of a number of charges against the comments crux of the matter as a whole, they do not change - evidence for vyneseniyasmertnogo sentence Garza has collected enough, and to provide the jury needed to information Court does not contradict basic legal standards; thus, the death penalty remained in force. IACHR similar verdict did not like; April 4, they reported it to an official statement and sent another request directly to the Government.

All these legal perturbations ultimately so useless and failed - the death penalty has not been abolished. 19 June 2001, Garza was executed by injection poisonous.