Joseph Vacher

Picture of Joseph Vacher

Date of Birth: 11/16/1869

Age: 29

Place of birth: Beaufort

Citizenship: France


Your Joseph was born on November 16th 1869 in Beaufort, Isere, France (Beaufort, Is & # 232; re, France). He was the son of an illiterate farmer who sent him to a very strict Catholic school where he was taught to obey and fear God. In 1893 conscript Joseph fell in love with a young maid Louise (Louise), which is not going to respond to him in return. When his military duties left behind, your I tried to seduce her and offer her hand and heart for the last time, before returning home, but Louise was indifferent to him and said with derision.

Infuriated, Joseph shot her four times, but the girl was badly injured, survived. And then the mountain-lover tried to commit suicide. Shot himself twice in the head, he has not achieved anything but paralysis of one side of the face. One of the bullets remained forever in his brain. So Your appeared in a psychiatric hospital in the city of Dole, the province of Jura (Dole, Jura). No medical care was not Joseph, but doctors found him completely cured, and a year later he was released. Shortly thereafter, the 25-year-old Frenchman started on a large scale to take the lives of others.

Within three years, starting in 1894, your mutilated and killed at least 11 people: one woman, five teenage girls and five teenage boys. Most of the victims were shepherds, observing the herds of animals to distant fields. The killer inflicted numerous stab wounds, often gutting and rape victims, regardless of their gender. Joseph wandered from town to town, from Normandy (Normandy) in Provence (Provence), remaining mostly in the southeast of France, and survived by begging and the work of a day laborer on farms.

In 1897 your I tried to attack a woman in a field in Ardeche (Ard & # 232; che). She struggled, but her cries heard her son and husband both come running to the rescue. Men have coped with the attackers - and took him to the police. The authorities had little evidence that Joseph was involved in a series of murders surging, but soon he confessed.

Your he asserted that lost his mind when a child snatched his dog, and his treatment took quack doctor. Then he quickly retracted his words, saying that his path pointed out to him by God, as was the case with Joan of Arc, to Joseph made people think and realize what really is a virtue. However, it felt quite sane, and on October 28th of 1898, he was sentenced to death. Two months later, the sentence was carried out - and Joseph was executed by guillotine at dawn on December 31 th 1898. He refused to go to the scaffold itself, so it dragged to the guillotine hangmen.

In 1976, French director Bertrand Tavernier (Bertrand Tavernier) made a film called `The Judge and ubiytsa` ( `Le juge et l`assassin` /` The Judge and the Murderer`), inspired by the history of your. The name killer, played by Michel Galabru (Michel Galabru), been slightly modified - by Joseph Bouvier (Joseph Bouvier). In French the word `bouvier` and` vacher` used to describe the same profession herdsman.