Joseph Garrett

Picture of Joseph Garrett

Age: 25

Citizenship: United States

The man who makes a game of "Minecraft"

New hits, new legends and new idols appear on the Internet every hour; many of them have to do the classic 15 th minutes of fame, but some manage to attract attention for a period much more - but still not bad to earn this. 23-year-old Garrett Joseffy, for example, only recently left work - income which brought him a YouTube channel was enough for a decent life. Spread on your channel Garrett is not a video from unusual corners of our planet and interesting scientific experiments; No, Garrett channel dedicated solely to computer game `MineCraft`.

`Minecraft` game was published in 2009. It is a matter of fact, it is something between a giant and a giant sandbox same designer; the player is placed in an almost infinite size of the universe, consisting of forests, mountains, caves, and other landscaping grace and begins to measure their ability to settle in this world. Possibilities for extraction of different resources, the creation of these useful devices and rather complex designs in `Minecraft` open truly unlimited - fans of the game already built the Death Star, Big Ben, and even a working model of the CPU of a personal computer.

Despite the deliberately primitive graphics, the game is a huge success to this day.

Some fraction of the popularity of the game and perepala Joseph Garrett - now its channel 1.9 million subscribers and more than 5 million hits per day. Not so long ago the channel Garrett was in the rating of the world`s most popular channels; he was able to get around in the ranking even `One Direction` and Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber).

Play `Minecraft` and upload videos to YouTube Garrett began 18 months ago. When the number of subscribers to his channel has exceeded 10,000, Joseph even quit his job (and he worked in a local pub), in order to fully concentrate on managing their child. Garrett lived with his parents, and board they did not take with him; generally coming from the channel revenue was quite comparable in size to Joseph received wages. Even then, the process of registration and maintenance of video channel performance considerably time-consuming; Garrett now the day comes to an average of 3,000 messages from viewers.

Garrett brings basic income posted on his channel and its video advertising. Income that currently allows Joseph not only pretty well there, but also to think about expanding the business - we know that Garrett with a friend is already planning to purchase a studio. Some use in the development and promotion of the channel gave Joseph received education - from Garrett have a degree with a specialization in television and videoprodyusirovaniyu; in general, however, any special skills - at least at first glance - the activities of Joseph is not required. Initially, Garrett did not expect that viderolikov series `let poigraem` (` let`s play`) will be less profitable now - in fact, he simply spends his spare time for the toy, recorded gameplay videos and commenting on what is happening on the screen. Movies, however, began to be popular; Realizing this, Joseph thought about monetizing their classes. Get income was easy, although the first special company profits are not brought; Garrett`s popularity, however, has grown - and it is happening at a rate truly a matter of respect.