Joseph Breitman

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Age: 145

Citizenship: United States

Russian furrier of the king

The history of the American fashion label `J Mendel` began in 1870, with Joseph Breitman, outstanding furrier, who worked with a number of representatives of the Russian aristocracy of the time. To meet the needs of its customers Breitman has created a relatively small company, is engaged in the supply of luxury goods - a luxurious, high-quality and featuring a completely unique style. The project has been incredibly successful - soon in the client list furrier appeared even members of the royal family.

`J Mendel` experienced very Brightman. At the moment, the label managed by the fifth generation of leaders; however, for many years the main principles of the company have not changed much - masters continue to adhere to the same principles that were once identified himself Brightman.

In 1920, the label`s headquarters moved to Paris (Paris); in 1934 in the French capital was opened the first studio Fur Company. Masters of the company did everything in their power to the label`s reputation as not to disgrace - and it is clearly succeeded; however, the company`s reputation was characterized by rather limited.

`Fifth pokolenie` leadership was headed label in 1981 - it was then a leading designer and CEO Gilles Mendel became (Gilles Mendel). Mendel was able not only to preserve the tradition of fashion house intact, but also to bring the enterprise to a new level; We helped him in this new technology, innovative design solutions and a number of non-trivial ways to work with fur. Most of all, Mendel glorified the idea of ??working with fur like a cloth and a series built on this principle, ready to wear collection. The company decided to transform itself from a supplier of luxury furs - famous, illustrious, but rather a highly specialized - into something much more multi-faceted and versatile. About `J Mendel` spoken throughout the world; gradually outfits from Mendel began to appear in fashion boutiques worldwide. New York (New York) and Washington (Washington), Chicago (Chicago) and London (London) - fashion capital had the opportunity to personally make sure that for more than 100 years of activity the company representatives brought their skills fur to perfection . What used to be known only to a narrow circle of elite real buyers, in our time it has become available to everyone.

Now the company continues to expand, capturing more and more international markets; the company opened branches in Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Moscow, Kiev and Istanbul (Istanbul). Mendel quite actively cooperates with existing commercial networks - so, in the United States had already established quite strong contacts with `Neiman Markus`. Classic style solutions and perfected technology together with a number of new methods and techniques from the legendary company opened a second wind - and, thus, contributed to its radical transformation. Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez) and Beyonce (Beyonce), Mischa Barton (Mischa Barton) and Hillary Duff (Hillary Duff), Brittany Murphy (Brittany Murphy) and Jessica Simpson (Jessica Simpson), Eva Mendes (Eva Mendez) and Kate Hudson ( Kate Hudson), Demi Moore (Demi Moore), Ivanka Trump (Ivanka Trump) and Lisa Airan (Dr. Lisa Airan) - the mere fact that all these celebrities have already appreciated the products `J Mendel`, speaks of her as better than anything else.

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