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Date of Birth: 02/11/1943

Age: 73

Place of birth: Beas de Segura in Jaen Province

Citizenship: Spain

Little Nightingale

Author: Elena Murzina

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Real name Joselito - Jose Jimenez Fernandez (Jose Jimenez Fernandez), he was born on February 11, 1943 in the small town of Beas de Segura in the province of Jaen in the north of Andalusia (Beas de Segura, Ja & # 233; n, Andalucia, Spain). Some sources, meanwhile argue that the future star was born in 1947. The confusion is guilty false advertising studio, which starred his films. The studio wanted to do `` Joselito younger than he actually was, and pretended to be a boy at the time of the debut was 9 years old, but in reality he was 4 years older. Excessive youth, alas, has become an obsession for Joselito and pursued him throughout his career.

Joselito found the legendary French tenor of Spanish origin Mariano Luis (Luis Mariano) and took him to perform in France (France). In 1956, he came to the attention of cinema - director Antonio del Amo (Antonio del Amo) took Joselito in his first film, a musical family drama `Little Nightingale `(El pequeno ruisenor, 1956), where and originates its famous nickname. While the Spanish were looking for a new star studio, a child who could compete with Pablito Calvo (Pablito Calvo, 1948-2000) and to make more and more popular among the broad mass audience films in the national spirit, which were big hits at the time of the dictatorship of Francisco Franco (Francisco Franco).

After several films and records, reaching stardom as a singer and actor in Europe (Europe), Joselito tried to gain recognition in America (America), so he went to Mexico (Mexico). There he starred in a number of projects, starting with the musical adventure The Adventures of Joselito `America` (Aventuras de Joselito y Pulgarcito, 1960), and his partner in the film became a young Mexican actor Tsesareo Kesadas Pulgarsito (Cesareo Quezadas Pulgarcito), participation which provided a picture of a box office success in Mexico. Joselito success of the United States reached the (United States), and the boy appeared in the television show Ed Sullivan (Ed Sullivan) `Toast of the Town`.

However, the life of the young star was not such a carefree and happy as it may seem at first glance. He was under the full control of their managers did not allow Joselito look and live up to his present age and become `` nakonets-to, teenager. This, incidentally, was a feature of the life of all the Spanish `` geeks during the reign of Franco - they have tried to give out for the children as long as possible. Joselito is not only able to meet with the girls - it literally locked in the room between filming and rehearsals. The actor was forced to represent the child until 1969, when he was 26 years old. He starred in his latest film, `The Prisoner in the city `(Prisionero en la ciudad, 1969), and was gone - his voice for a long time to break as an adult actor he was not interested in the success of left and Joselito was gone, as if it never happened. He showed up much later, when it became known that the former child star became a heroin addict and a mercenary in Africa (Africa). In 1990, he was arrested by the authorities of Angola (Angola) and deported to Spain, where he was jailed. Trying his return to the screen as an adult actor was not successful - to change the taste of the public, society itself has changed, and Joselito little resemblance to his former self. He completely denied the show business, was rehabilitation, and currently lives in Valencia (Valencia, Spain) a quiet life, free from drugs and alcohol, away from the film sets and recording studios. He was married twice.

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