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Date of Birth: 01/14/1975

Age: 41

Place of Birth: Hollywood

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Tatyana Barinov

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Despite the fact that the actress Jordan Ladd was born to parents involved in show business, she flatly refused to go to the beaten path and enjoy the glory and fame of parents. Ladd began as a low-budget films before finding himself in the film directed by Eli Roth and Quentin Tarantino. She starred in the movies Roth sadistic `Fever` (Cabin Fever, 2003) and `Hostel 2` (Hostel: Part II, 2007), as well as in the film `Grindhouse Tarantino. Planet straha` (Grindhouse, 2007). Thus, Ladd has found itself in a completely opposite genres relatively quiet film, which starred her mother, actress Cheryl Ladd, known for `Charlie`s Angels` (Charlie `s Angels), and grandfather,` `tough guy, Alan Ladd.

Jordan Elizabeth Ladd was born January 14, 1975. Childhood Ladd was held in Hollywood, California. The family, which came to light Ladd, consisted of hereditary actors. Her grandfather - the famous actor Alan Ladd, whom the public knows of the film `Sheyn` (Shane, 1953); father - David Ladd - actor and producer who has worked with the company `MGM Pictures`; mother - a beautiful blonde, the idol of the 1970s, actress Cheryl Ladd.

Jordan first appeared in a movie in 1995. It was an erotic thriller about vampires Embrace of the Vampire `` (Embrace of the Vampire), after which Ladd starred in the film written and directed by Gregg Araki`s Nowhere `` (Nowhere, 1997). In fact Ladd was going to withdraw from Araki earlier, in 1995, in his previous film `` Doom Generation Game `` (The Doom Generation), but then the mother of the young actress found the work of the director is too specific, and at that time, Jordan had to give the idea.

By the end of 1996, Ladd became popular on television, in particular, due to the dramatic-comedy TV movie `Weapons of mass destruction` (Weapons of Mass Destruction, 1997).

From the outset svoeytvorcheskoy activity, Ladd decided, by all means, do not enjoy the privileges and the name of the mother, and even work together with Cheryl on the screen and create your own image. However, after Jordan was approved for the role in the TV movie `Netnapped`, director Bill Norton turned to Cheryl that she played the mother of the heroine Ladd Jnr. This decision proved to be very successful.

As a result, the film was renamed, and in 1998 was released under the title `Mother nightmare `(Every Mother` s Worst Fear). The following year, along with Drew Barrymore, Ladd starred in Never Been Kissed `` (Never Been Kissed, 1999). It was her first experience of shooting in the studio. In 2000, the actress took part in the shooting of the film, the comedy `Extraordinary` (The Specials), which Ladd performed the role of super-neurotic woman Naytberd (night bird).

In 2001, Jordan plunged into the series` Six Feet / Six feet under the ground `(Six Feet Under, 2001-05), and after working in it for the actress began a fruitful collaboration with director Eli Roth and his participation in the film` `Fever (2003). In this film, he played the role of Karen Ladd, one of the five friends who went to the mountain and there faced with a deadly, devouring virus.

After `` Fever Ladd starred in comic horror film `Club horror` (Broken Lizard `s Club Dread, 2004), and then completely gave way in the comedy genre. So, in 2003, she started acting in low-budget satirical film `Big grub` (Waiting ...), but choosing between thriller and comedy, still took part in the film `` House of Fear (Madhouse, 2004).

By 2006, Ladd has already become one of the queens of horror. Together with her fiance O `Neil, she starred in the film `Death Proof` - one of the parts of the film `Grindhouse Tarantino. `Planet Terror (2007).

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