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Date of birth: 31.08.1967

Age: 49

Birthplace: Worthing

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Yury Utkin

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Jonathan Keiko was born in the English town of Worthing and was the youngest of three sons in the family. In four years, he first tried to `vkus` craft actor (he was invited on stage during a pantomime at a children`s party); `Vkus` was a pleasant and Keiko had no further doubts about the choice of profession.

For eight years, Jonathan studied dramatic art and is regularly played in the plays, a teenager, he traveled all over England with a tour of the National Youth Theatre.

Then Keiko entered the prestigious Cambridge University and began to study English there. There he started playing rugby and VNA final year went on the field in front of seventy thousandth audience in the match against the team of Oxford.

In 1989, Jonathan graduated from Cambridge and enrolled in drama school Bristol Old Vic, where he spent the next two years.

Then, he honed his skills in the Royal Shakespeare Company - for example, in the productions of `Wallenstein`, `Tamburlaine`, `The Odyssey`, `As You Like It` and `Beggar` s Opera `. In 2002, the actor honed skills brought the award of Barclays `` (as `` Best Actor) for his play `Baby Doll` by Tennessee Williams, delivered first to the Royal National Theatre, and then in London`s WestEnd. The following year an English actor made his debut on the stage of Broadway - once in the title role (Jason in Medea ``).

Keiko is also shot and in numerous TV projects - played a major role in US drama `` The American Embassy, ??as well as in the television movie `Noah`s Ark `,` Out of the Ashes series and `` Marriage `. In 2005 he played in a six-hour epic Tirranosa `Imperiya`.

In Britain, as Keiko starred in `Leap`, `Cows` `Rebecca` `mystery stranger`, `The Girl`, telefilm `Peace River `, feature films` only the world `` of Honest `and` the last true` .

Viewers around the world know Keiko and the role of Sir Garrett in the movie `` First Knight (also starring Sean Connery and Richard Gere).

Among the latest projects on the history of the actor - film `Krews` (2009) and `` Brideshead Revisited (2008) and the series `Captain Cook` s Extraordinary Atlas `(2009) and` `Chuck (2007-2009).

It remains to add a few words about the personal life of the actor. Jonathan married Keiko. He lives in two houses in two countries - in the UK (London) and the USA (Venice, California). Sport, which entered the life of Jonathan in his student years, to this day occupies a significant place in it - Keiko actively engaged in rugby, cricket and basketball.

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