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Date of Birth: 05/15/1923

Age: 80

Place of birth: Indore

Citizenship: India


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Johnny Walker was born in Indore, India, and the present name of the actor on May 15 of 1923 - Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi. His family moved to Mumbai (then Bombay) on the coast of the Arabian Sea, where the textile factory where his father worked, was closed. To feed 15 family members father was very difficult; five members of his family were killed at a young age.

Badruddin tried themselves in various professions. He has worked as a conductor in the bus, the passengers entertained all sorts of antics. It was his antics attracted in 1950 the actor the attention istsenarista Balradzha Sahni, when one day he went to the bus and witnessed how unusual his guard. At that time, the Kazi was already 27 years old.

Sahni just been developing the script of the film `Baazi` 1951 year and decided to use Badruddin candidacy as a potential actor-comedian of his project. To audition teetotaler Kazi had to show the state of intoxication, and he did it so well that the Indian filmmaker Guru Dutt immediately came up with his stage name Johnny Walker - in honor of the famous brand of Scotch whiskey. Later, in 1957, the actor starred in the movie `Johnny Uoker` named after him.

Johnnie Walker has become a close friend of Guru Dutta, who has repeatedly made changes to their script to bring back his friend. When in 1964, after the third suicide attempt, Guru was found dead in bed in his apartment, Johnny very seriously suffered this loss.

In the period from the 1970s to the 1990s, Walker received some modest role in the movie. But his involvement in the family drama Hrsikesa Maherzhi `Anand` proved that Johnny can succeed in a major role, even if it lasts only a few minutes. His last performance was in 1998, the year in the comedy `420` aunt, who was a star of the director himself. In this film he starred at the request of the musician, filmmaker and writer Kamal Hassan, who wrote the script to him and has removed the picture.

Johnnie Walker is married to Noor, the sister of actress Shakeel. He met his future wife in 1955, the year on the set of a Bollywood film `Mr. & Mrs. `55`. The couple have three sons - Nazim, Kazir and Nasir and three daughters - Kausar, Tasneem and Firdaus.

He starred in more than 300 films.

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