John Wojnowski

Picture of John Wojnowski

Date of Birth: 1943

Age: 72

Place of birth: Warsaw

Citizenship: United States

15 years of protest

John was born in the midst of World War II in occupied Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland), but the parents after the war found a way to send John and his brother to a Catholic family in Italy (Italy), where they were given for foster children in April 1943 .

Together with other children, John played and had fun, happy that the war was over and they will finally be happy childhood and happy peaceful life. Dreams of those, alas, broke down in a single day, when John was 15 years old, one of the local priests called him to his room and raped her. After that, all in John`s life went wrong. Humbled, he began to avoid peer society, preferring to spend time in his room, and after moving to America and wedding realized that his family life is not only happy, but on the contrary, much sad. John himself acknowledged that a few times wanted to end life, but even he could not do; Instead, he began to beat his wife and children at the same time knowing how much he was hated himself.

Only in 1997, when he was already 54 years old, John saw an article in the newspaper that one of the priests caught, and the boy`s family received a huge reward in moral damages.

Having decided that 39 years in the fear of society, give him the full right to demand a price for a broken life, John wrote a letter to the Vatican. However, his response is not only not satisfied, but even angry: after the question about what happened, clerks simply stopped answering his letters, which prompted John to go to the square in front of the Vatican Embassy in Washington DC (Washington DC) with a placard `My lives ruined priest pedofil`. Surprisingly, the answer came immediately: the church agreed to pay a therapist services, but compensation was not even mentioned.

Since then it began a picket of John, who, as he himself admits, no longer has anything to do with money and compensation; its primary target was the Catholic Church, which manages to hide their crimes under the guise of holiness. During this time, John was a whole collection of posters, which he fills up almost every day, but on his website he even offers users to come up with the original text of the poster. Catholics have responded quickly to the protest of John: every day around him a crowd `veruyuschih` that for many hours throwing insults at him, called a loser and laughed at his rape. Several times `particularly veruyuschie` - so their calls himself John - were taken to kick it and tear the posters to honor the holy church remained unsullied.

Fifteen years before the embassy, ??John has become a legend: him ride tour groups trying to feed his restaurant owners, who come to him to chat at lunchtime, and passers-by often just stop and offer their help. So, once near John stopped the car, he got out one of the US`s most prominent politicians, whose name is John and not given just to shake his hand and express their appreciation.

Despite the fact that it stands on the site and no steps towards Catholics was not done, Voynovskiy remains optimistic: `I have a favorite poster - with a laugh he said, - I keep by his side, where it is written:` Catholics trusy`, but as soon as I see someone reading this, I turn it the other side, and it says: `... and pedofily`.

Every day, John keeps a diary, the end is suitable for 15 notebook. Most often sad, and John is, how he could develop his life. About him were written articles in major journals of the world; so, not so long ago in the pages of `Esquire` about him appeared Review article.