John Winston Howard

Picture of John Winston Howard

Date of Birth: 07/26/1939

Age: 77

Place of birth: Sydney

Citizenship: Australia


John Howard (full name - John Winston Howard) was born in 1939 in Sydney, Australia (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia). He was the fourth child in a family of Mona and Lyall Howard (Mona (n & # 233; e Kell) and Lyall Howard), with John grew and his three brothers - Stanley, (Stanley), Walter (Walter) and Bob (Robert, Bob ). The family was Methodist; Howard is already a teenager he started an apprenticeship at a petrol station. His father died when the boy was 16 years old. Hearing impairment was observed at Howard since childhood, did not become an obstacle in their studies - he was very diligent and showed good results in the first Earlwood Primary School, then - in Canterbury Boys` High School. The University of Sydney (University of Sydney), he studied law, graduating in 1961. In 1957, Howard became a member of the Liberal Party of Australia (Liberal Party). In 1962-1964 gg. He served as president of the Young Liberals of Australia (President of the Young Liberals). In 1963, Howard took part in the campaign of Tom Hughes (Tom Hughes), and in 1967 received the support of his party, and decided to run as a candidate for the constituency of Drummoyne (Drummoyne). However, the elections held in 1968, did not bring victory to Howard.

In 1974, John Howard managed to get into the House of Representatives; in 1975 he received the portfolio of Minister of Internal Affairs of Australia, Malcolm Fraser (Malcolm Fraser), whom he supported at the time of his election campaign.

In 1977, Howard received the chair the Finance Minister of Australia; In this capacity, he spent 5 years and the reputation of the work a great supporter of the free market economy. The politician was a supporter of the tax reform, which covered broad areas of the economy - wages, taxation and trade union activities. In 1978, the government established a commission to investigate the financial reform, which was called the Committee Campbell (Campbell Committee). At that time, difficult for Australian economic reforms Howard lost the support of some politicians, previously adjusted to it loyally. The economic crisis of the early 80`s even more shaken relations within the government. Howard faced a conservative stance Fraser; it was the kind of political conflict. State Treasury, and, hence, Howard himself, were subjected to sharp criticism from the Fraser, and in July 1982, John Howard was forced to resign. So, he sat in his chair finance minister of Australia from 1977 to 1982; it was a very difficult period in the economy.

From 1985 to 1989, Howard was the leader of the Liberal Party, as well as the leader of the opposition. In 1995, it again was elected leader of the opposition, and in the federal elections in 1996, John Howard was able to lead his party to victory.

Since March 1996, Howard became Prime Minister of Australia. In this position, the politician remained until 3 December 2007, thereby becoming the second prime minister of the country for the duration of tenure; He conceded only Sir Robert Menzies (Sir Robert Menzies).

Priorities during the Howard government was a new tax, labor, immigration, the war in Iraq, and Australian policy on Aboriginal people.

In the Australian federal election, 2007 Party Howard was defeated by the Labour Party, led by Kevin Radom (Kevin Rudd). With this policy, and he lost a seat in parliament.

We know that John Howard is married to Janet Parker (Janette Parker) since 1971, in a family of three children - Melanie (Melanie, 1974), Tim (Tim, 1977) and Richard (Richard, 1980).