John Wayne Gacy Jr

Picture of John Wayne Gacy Jr

Date of Birth: 03/17/1942

Age: 52

Place of birth: Chicago

Citizenship: United States


Born in 1942 in Chicago. In 1964 he married, began to work managing a fast food restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken, owned by the family of his wife. Gacy differed enviable work ethic - every day he worked tirelessly for 12 hours, and sometimes more. The marriage broke up after 1968 Gacy was tried first on charges of raping a teenager. Gacy was sentenced by a court of Iowa to ten years in prison, but after 18 months ahead of schedule was released.

In 1971, Gacy bought a house in the suburbs of Chicago and founded a construction business. Gacy married his friend, he had two daughters. At the same time he joined the Democratic Party of the United States. Gacy became treasurer of the charity, engaged in social activities. In 1976, his wife divorced him.

In December 1978, missing 15-year-old Robert Piste, who was last seen with Gacy witnesses. Gacy was arrested, he had to spend the night at the police station. After a preliminary search of his home belts have been found handcuffs, dildos, marijuana, Valium pills. In addition, police noticed a strange smell. However, the police did not check the basement and attic houses, and Gacy was released.

The next day, the police received information that in 1977 a Donnelly addressed a statement at Gacy, which complained that Gacy was raped. However, Donnelly was on the account by a psychiatrist, so he said did not pay attention then. In addition, 26-year-old homosexual, moonlighting as a prostitute in 1978, Jeff Rignal declared that Gacy was repeatedly raped him. But Rignalu not believe, considering his blackmailer.

In addition, the police made a request to Iowa on an old case Gacy 1968. It turns out that being the manager of the restaurant, he persuaded his subordinates to homosexual contacts. Therefore, he was re-arrested on December 21. At this time, the police conducted a second search of the house Gacy, this time in the basement.

Downscaling without masks the police almost fainted from the smell of the plurality of bodies discovered in the basement. December 22, he was charged and asked to specify the place of burial of the victims. Gacy, who did not know about the search of his basement, said that in his garage filled with concrete body of a certain Butkovic.

From the basement were recovered bodies of 29 people, the police worked in chemical protection suits. Some bodies lay in obscene poses, many in the mouth were put dildos and penis. However, the body of a missing recently Robert Pista was found. Gacy admitted that he drowned in the river body 4 more people.

Gacy said that a child was sovrasch