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Four-legged friend Shep

49 -year-old American, a resident of Wisconsin (Wisconsin), which has recently become very popular on the Internet, along with his dog named Shep (Schoep).

So,the cause of this sudden popularity and John Shep was the photograph taken by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson (Hannah Stonehouse Hudson), photographer and friend of John. The picture shows John Unger holds her four-legged friend Shep in the water on the hands. The head of a sleeping dog resting on chest hostand all this against the background of the picture is the mirror of the lake water is a simply amazing in its emotional coloring sight. As a result, the picture was named one of the ` moving pictures Seti`.

So, lined on Facebook Photo by John Shep and immediately attracted the attention of many people.Later photo increasingly replicated in social networks, as a result of making John Unger of the real celebrity. However, he modestly American believes that the celebrity should be considered not his, but Shep, his most faithful friend that`s been going on for 19 years.

In an interview with reporters, John said ,how 19 years ago he and his fiancee decided to take the dog from a shelter. Unger says that they drove around then a lot of shelters, and it took a long time before they met the very ` psa`. So, taking the puppy into the house, John, his fiancee and Shep began living way, but soon John`s girlfriend left. So, they left two - Shep and John ,and this was the beginning of a long friendship of man and dog. According to John, Shep literally saved his life then. After leaving the bride Unger long time did not stay in one place, feeling worthless and abandoned, and one day, unable to cope with depression, he went to the edge with not the most pleasant thoughts. It happened during a walk with Shep, and ,already standing on the edge, ` John the last raz` looked at Shep. Exactly how smart dog owner looked at the expression of serious concern and the dog thought John returned to reality. The idea of who will take care of Shepe, brought him back to reality and the need to continue to live and care for others. So they were inseparable all the subsequent 19 years. Over the years, Shep of perky puppy has become first in the mature dog, and later an elderly dog. Today, Shep suffers from arthritis, and despite the fact that John regularly arranges his courses of treatment in a veterinary clinic, the dog still suffers. Knowingwhich Shep water helps to relax and bring at least temporary, but nevertheless relieved John as your pet walks lead to the lake. ` I keep it on hand in the water it becomes almost weightless. I`m doing him a massage - knead legs, shoulders. .. `

During one of such bathing one John, a photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson and take the picture ,which touched a huge number of people in the world. In the clinic, where Shep held their treatment of arthritis, it has already received many thousands of dollars - people are willing to sacrifice for the treatment of a dog. It turned out that thousands of strangers were very interested in the fact that the two friends - John and Shep - stay together longer.Sam John Unger incredibly moved by this - besides the appreciation, he noticed that the more expensive and high-quality treatment has a positive effect on the health of his friend. So, Shep began to move even faster. By the way, the money that people donated, already had more than required even for the best treatment Shep ,and a special fund `Schoep`s Legacy Foundation` was created because that will help animals.

By the way, for the photographer Hudson, this picture has become a real professional triumph. In general, according to Hannah, she took this picture for John to once when Shep will be gone ,picture this would be a touching reminder of this strong male friendship for him. As a result, the same John and Shep shot awakened the warmest and most wonderful feelings in a really huge number of people all over the world

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John Unger picture
John Unger photo
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