John Paulson

Picture of John Paulson

Date of Birth: 1956

Age: 59

Citizenship: United States


American billionaire and financier. His net worth is approximately $ 2.5 billion (according to Forbes publication for the period of 2007). John occupies 165th place in the list of the most influential of the rich world.

Education John decent. Initially, he studied at New York University, after which he received a diploma and a bachelor`s degree in science and art. After - Paulson went to Harvard, where he successfully graduated from the University and was awarded an honorary MBA. Currently, John Paulson is the head of the hedge fund, which is located in New York. He is married and negodve daughter.

John Paulson - President of Paulson & Co Inc. He runs the company, whose spectrum of activity is extremely wide. The assets of the company today are twelve and a half billion dollars.

The Company is working diligently on the stock market for about forty-odd years. Its success Paulson & Co Inc. argues that among its employees only professionals whose activity brings considerable income.

John Paulson has a long experience and knowledge, so he has the right to demand the same from company employees. His work - is not only the direct supervision of such a large financial company, but also to conduct a variety of transactions, carrying out a merger, the implementation of changes in the capital structure of companies, all kinds of procedures of funding and other financial reorganization operations.

The company is currently investing in joint action with other organizations. Paulson & Co Inc. We are constantly searching for the best partners and is willing to co-operate effectively with progressive companies and a reasonable investor, who want to be part of a dynamic partnership, serious union, which has the power to create something new, to generate ideas and energy.

Paulson & Co Inc. offers its potential partners: "If you are an investor and you have the money to invest, for example, the entrepreneur (or the broker or banker), who have an idea that deserves most of these investments ...., then our team will work with you to work together to achieve success ... ".

The company`s mission remains unchanged for now 35 years old:

"Save and exaggerate the wealth of our clients and our own shareholders through personalized, strategic, independent action."