John Grey Gorton

Picture of John Grey Gorton

Date of Birth: 09/09/1911

Age: 90

Place of birth: Melbourne

Citizenship: Australia


John Gorton, the second child in the family of John Rose Gorton and Alice Sinn, who was born in Melbourne, September 9, 1911. His father immigrated from England. Gorton was educated at an Anglican school, and then graduated from the University of Oxford. After graduation, he returned to Australia and began to manage the orchard of his father.

In 1840 he enlisted in the Royal Australian vozdushnyesily. He participated in World War II as a combat pilot in the UK, Malaysia, Papua - New Guinea. He was seriously injured in the crash and was demobilized in December 1944.

In December 1949, Horton entered the national administration as a senator from Victoria and remained in office for more than 15 years. During this time he changed a lot of different portfolios, including Minister of Marine, the Minister of Works, as well as the country`s first Minister of Education and Science.

In January 1968, Horton became prime minister, succeeding the missing Harold Holt. His leadership style drew him supporters among the voters, but at the same time creating Villeneuve enemies, including among members of the Liberal Party, whose leader he was. In 1971, Gorton resigned as prime minister, and in 1975 Gorton left Parliament as a result of the government crisis and call Malcolm Fraser (then Minister of Defense).

After his retirement he lived in seclusion Gorton in Canberra, from time to time to give an interview. At one time he headed the movement for the legalization of marijuana. He died in Sydney.