John Glover

Picture of John Glover

Date of Birth: 11/26/1932

Age: 72

Place of birth: Wolverhampton

Citizenship: Australia

Older Women Killer

Rod Glover was from a working class family from Wolverhampton, England (Wolverhampton, England). By 1947 th he was repeatedly convicted of various minor offenses - mainly for theft of clothing and handbags. For criminal tendencies he was expelled from the British Army; in 1956, Glover moved to Australia.

With older women John has always been a rather difficult relationship - is especially true in the case of his mother Freda (Freda) and - after 1968 - his mother-in.

Despite all this, apparently Glover in any degree does not give the impression of a maniac - he was a volunteer at the Society of Senior Citizens (Senior Citizens Society) and was considered among the familiar friendly and reliable person. John was married, he had two children; He lived a quiet and peaceful life in Mosmene (Mosman), earning a living as a sales representative. Do not, however, think that in Australia, Glover finished with a dark past - almost immediately after arriving on the continent Green was arrested on charges of stealing two episodes. Later - in 1962, already in Melbourne (Melbourne) - John twice attacked women. He acted extremely violently; in each case the victim was lost something of clothing. However, no data on sophisticated Glover to 1989 killings there.

In 1989, John was already 56; He lived 20 years in a happy marriage - and, of course, my wife did not know about his turbulent past. After the arrest of Glover said he wanted to stop the killing - but he could not; In addition, John made it clear that continued to lead an absolutely normal life between the murders.

January 11, 1989 Glover attacked the 84-year-old Margaret Todhunter (Margaret Todhunter); John hit the old woman in the face and stole the contents of bags - including 209 dollars. The police found it in the usual robbery and virtually no hope to catch the attacker. As subsequent events show, Mrs Todhunter was the most fortunate of Glover victims.

March 1, 1989, John saw on the street 82-year-old Gwendolyn Mitchelhill (Gwendoline Mitchelhill); took the hammer out of the car, he followed her to her apartment. At the door Glover attacked Gwendolyn - he beat her mostly on the head and chest. By stealing a handbag - which was about $ 100 - John fled the scene; still alive Mrs Mitchelhill found two teenagers. Unfortunately, the old lady died shortly after the ambulance arrived. Detectives did not find in this story not unusual, and have decided that they are dealing with an ordinary robbery.

May 9 Glover attacked the 84-year-old Winfred Lady Ashton (Lady Winfreda Ashton), the widow of Sir William Ashton (Sir William Ashton), in the foyer of her home. Armed with, again, a hammer, a killer dragged the victim in a cubicle with garbage cans and there is much beaten - head on the pavement. Despite his advanced age, the lady was able to provide John Winfred surprisingly strong resistance; Glover still managed to knock it first, and then suffocate - it is their own stockings. In the purse of the victim, John found $ 100.

The body of Lady Ashton found the police; comparing the facts, they suspected that the District wielding serial killer - all three victims were rich old ladies out of one area, and the behavior of the offender in all three cases was quite similar. Found on the last hand of the murdered diamond ring led detectives to believe that money is far from being the main motive of the attacker.

Over the summer and early autumn Glover repeatedly attacked elderly women; this time in his actions there was clearly sexual overtones. However, the following five of his victims survived the meeting with him; John committed another murder only in November.

November 2, 1989 Glover tracked down 78-year-old Dorothy Behnke (Dorothy Benke). Tying a conversation with the old lady, he offered to help her bring the purchase; as a thank Behnke invited him for a cup of tea. Glover declined from tea and Behnke parted; on his way home, he met a 85-year-old Margarert Pahud (Margaret Pahud) - and killed her in his usual style. Police arrived too late, but immediately linked this episode with previous.

The fourth murder John made only one day after the third - the elderly it is near a local home met with 81-year-old Cleveland Olive (Olive Cleveland). After a short conversation the old woman went to her room, but Glover did not let her go far. Like last time, John had a good play with clothes, shoes and cane Cleveland and took the money.

On November 23, 1989, John had killed 93-year-old Muriel Felkoner (Muriel Falconer). Followed the old woman to her home, Glover pulled her inside and severely beaten with a hammer; then he strangled his victim her own underwear. Fortunately for police, this time they were able to collect more evidence - including bloody footprints. We detectives gradually began to take shape the image of the murderer; Unfortunately, the data is not enough.

January 1, 1990, after the next attack - this time, however, there were no murders - police entered the Glover. Unfortunately, the evidence against him was not enough - John were released, leaving, however, under surveillance. Unfortunately, this did not prevent Glover kill the sixth and final sacrifice - his old lover, 60-year-old Joan Sinclair (Joan Sinclair).

He confessed to the crime, John does not immediately; Psychologists, however, failed to explain his motives - and admitted it absolutely capable. The financial aspect played in crimes is not the last role - Glover was an avid lover of machines to play poker and money are always needed. In addition, he was smart enough to wipe acid hammer after each attack.

In the end, John admitted to all the murders and was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of early release. On September 9, 2005 Glover hanged himself in prison.