John Glennon

Picture of John Glennon

Date of birth: 24.09.1970

Age: 46

Citizenship: United States

American expert on caves and geysers

Bachelor`s degree in management of park areas, John got into the University of Texas A & M, Master`s degree in geological and geophysical sciences he was awarded the University of Western Kentucky. It is known that a thesis in geography John Glennon wrote in the University of California Santa Barbara under the direction of Dr. Michael Frank Goodchild (Michael Frank Goodchild); John finished his thesis in 2013. Head he got extremely outstanding; Goodchild was the actual founder and pioneer of Geographic Information Systems as a field of study and formal science. In addition, it Goodchild once opened cave Kastlgard (Castleguard Cave) - the longest cave in Canada. By beginning at Goodchild John Glennon he continued to study the geographic information systems, and to get acquainted with the technology needed for the understanding of the natural and human worlds with the help of computer models and systems.

In 1996, John Glennon and John Jasper found the entrance to the cave system, Martin Ridge in Kentucky (Martin Ridge, Kentucky); later they made several interesting discoveries in the nearby caves Jackpot (Jackpot) and Uigpistl (Whigpistle Caves). Subsequent investigations showed that the total length of the cave is about 51 kilometers; In addition, the caves were connected by waterways with the longest cave in the world, Mammoth cave (Mammoth Cave). Glennon later played a key role in the discovery of another large chain Kentucky caves.

In 2002, John Glennon led a group of American researchers at the El Tatio (El Tatio), large field of geysers in Chile (Chile). It is this group made the first really podrobnyyotchet on the status, structure, location and behavior of individual geysers field; the resulting report was a very, very useful document - well, this is where it has been proven that this field is the third largest geyser field in the world.

Together with Dr. Chris Groves (Chris Groves), President of the Research Foundation Caves, John Glennon was behind the Hoffman Environmental Research Institute. The main task of the Institute was declared active study of environmental and geological aspects of caves and karst landscapes. The headquarters of the Institute is currently located at the University of Western Kentucky; the main field of activity for the organization in recent years have been China`s karst. Occupying the position of Assistant Director of the Institute, John Glennon has proved an outstanding expert pogeoinformatsionnym systems and their associated tools and techniques. John`s wife, Rhonda, is also very good command of the field; she even managed to get a place in the draft `Ersi`, then John followed her to southern California. Now John Glennon lives in Loma Linda, California (Loma Linda, California).

For numerous discoveries, one way or another connected with the caves of Kentucky, John Glennon was awarded a place in the Honorary Order of Kentucky Colonels.

It is known that John Glennon also stood at the origins of the project `Arogi` - a private research laboratory specializing in geospatial technologies. He works in the laboratory John Glennon to this day. In total, behind John for more than two decades of active learning sorts of caves and karst formations.