John Franklin Candy

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Date of Birth: 10/31/1950

Age: 43

Place of birth: Toronto

Citizenship: Canada


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Candy was born in Newmarket, Ontario (Newmarket, Ontario), in the family candy Evangeline (Evangeline Candy) and Sidney James Candy (Sidney James Candy). John Ross in the working-class family; He was brought up in accordance with the tenets of the Roman Catholic Church. Candy also attended a Catholic school; it is known that at the time he was actively interested in soccer.

His first role - a small, not even mentioned in the credits - Candy played in 1973, in the film `Class of` 44 `. For some time, James went on to star on the sidelines in a variety of low-budget films; in 1976 he got a supporting role in the short-lived night television talk show Gzovskaya Peter (Peter Gzowski) `Ninety minutes live efire` (` Ninety Minutes Live`). In the same year, Candy finally managed to become famous - at least at the level of North America: as a member of the group of comedians improvisers `The Second City` James got the part in a rather successful sitcom `Second City Television`. In 1981, the show moved to NBC`s hands; Candy in pretty quickly there was a small army of fans.

Among the most famous images created for Candy `Second City Television` was an unscrupulous presenter Johnny LaRue (Johnny LaRue), the director of horror films Dr. Lang (Doctor Tongue), sycophant William B. Williams (William B. Williams) and a corrupt Mayor Tommy Shanks ( Tommy Shanks). Often the program James resorted to his talent wannabe, portraying various celebrities like Orson Welles (Orson Welles), Luciano Pavarotti (Luciano Pavarotti) and Jackie Gleason (Jackie Gleason).

By the 80s Candy began more actively in the movies; at first he battered pretty minor roles - soldier of Steven Spielberg`s comedy `` 1941 or Burton Mercer of `Blues Brothers` ( ??`The Blues Brothers`). In 1981, however, James got really successful role - Dewey Oksbergera of paintings `ponevole` Volunteers - one of the most successful projects of the year.

In the early 90`s career Candy began to decline - it has brought immediately to a number of absolutely flops both commercially and in terms of the film critics of movies like `Solid trouble` ( `Nothing But Trouble`), which brought him a nomination for the prize `Gold raspberry in the category of `` Worst actress `(James in the film playing a woman), `` The Nutty (Delirious ``) and` Once Upon a Crime `(` Once Upon A Crime `); battered him, however, and successful role - in the paintings` Rookie of the Year `(` Rookie of the Year `),` Rescue in Australia `(` The Rescuers Down Under `),` Cool Runnings `(` Cool Runnings `) and` One doma` ( `Home Alone`). Candy tried to restore the reputation of and give his career a second wind; for he greatly expanded the range of roles performed, trying first of all to choose a more serious way.

Throughout his adult life, James suffered from obesity. In the late 80`s and early 90`s, he has recovered strongly; however, in the last year of his life the actor has managed to still pull yourself together and start to monitor the health - in particular, to stop smoking and start to monitor the weight. Unfortunately, it did not help - March 4, 1994, the actor died in his sleep of a heart attack. At the time of death, Candy was only 43 years old.

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