John Elias Baldacci

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Date of Birth: 01/30/1955

Age: 61

Place of birth: Bangor

Citizenship: United States

Who has legalized same-sex marriage in Maine?

Member of the House of Representatives of the United States from 1995 to 2003. Limelight nation Baldacci won the 6 th May 2009, after becoming the second US governor who signed the bill on gay marriage, after Mary Dzh. Rell, and the first who did it, do without a court order. Maine apostille.

John Ely Baldacci was born on January 30th 1955, the year in Bangor, Penobscot County, Maine, United States. He grew up in the Lebanese-Italian family with seven brothers and sisters. As a child, John was involved in the family business - his family owned restaurant `Momma Baldacci` in Bangor. After graduating from high school Baldacci received a bachelor`s degree in history from the University of Maine in Orono.

His first public office Ely got a very young, at age 23. In 1978 he became an employee of the City of Bangor Council. Continuing political activity, John won a seat in the Maine Senate in 1982, remaining its agent for 12 years.

After? in 1994, United States Senator George J.. Mitchell, his cousin, resigned, Baldacci was selected to the US House of Representatives from the second district of Maine, Olympia Snowe taking place. Snow at the time sat in the vacant chair Mitchell. Baldacci has gained access to the Congress in 1996, 1998 and 2000, serving in the Congress Committee on Agriculture and the Committee of the Congress on Transportation and Infrastructure.

Gubernatorial elections Baldacci won for the first time in 2002, gaining 47% of votes against 41% collected by Republican Peter Sianchette. Officially born in Maine took office on January 8th of 2003. On the re-election of John again he won, snatching it from the hands of the four main candidates. As governor, Eli is a member of the National Governors Association and the Democratic Governors Association.

In 2005, Baldacci introduced a bill to expand the civil rights of citizens of Maine to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. May 6, 2009, he signed a law legalizing same-sex marriage in Maine.

The governor is a supporter of regionalization. He has had some success, but still regions and local authorities often continue to come under fire because of rural legislators who are considering this process as a weakening of their community. Maine video.

Wanting to keep the governor`s chair, Baldacci began to campaign for re-election in 2006 and won the election with 38% of the vote, leaving behind Chandler Woodcock (30%), Barbara Merrill (21%), Philip Napier and Pat LaMarcha (10%).

Baldacci - Catholic. He lives with his wife Karen and their son Jack in Augusta, Maine`s capital. The current governor of his appointment cease to be effective in January of 2011.

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