John E Bryson

Picture of John E Bryson

Date of Birth: 07/24/1943

Age: 73

Place of birth: New York

Citizenship: United States


In 1961, Bryson graduated from high school in Portland, Oregon (Yale Law School); in 1965 he received a bachelor`s degree from Stanford University (Stanford University), in 1969 - a doctorate in law at Yale Law School (Yale Law School).

In 1970 - along with several other Yale graduates - Bryson participated in the creation of the legal team at NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council). From 1976 to 1979-th Bryson served as chairman of the California Council for the Control of water resources (California State Water Resources Control Board); from 1979 to 1982 he worked as the first president of the Committee of the California utilities (California Public Utilities Commission).

In 1984, John earned a spot in the `Edison International`; in 1990 he became a director of the company. Directorships John Bryson took 18 years until the retirement of the July 31, 2008-th.

Enumerate the list of posts that Bryson held during his career, it can be quite long. He has worked with `The Boeing Company`,` WM Keck Foundation` and `The Walt Disney Company`. John was - and currently is - in a number of boards of trustees of educational, environmental and other non-profit organizations.

May 31, 2011 th Barack Obama (Barack Obama) has appointed Bryson successor Gary Locke (Gary Locke) as Minister of Trade of the USA. In July, the appointment of Bryson was postponed for a while - did that Republican Senator from Oklahoma (Oklahoma), James Inhofe (James Inhofe), referring to the number of pro-ecological statements Bryson. Later, however, Bryson candidacy was still confirmed - October 20, 2011 th John Bryson was elected by 74 votes to 26. intercede for the position Braysondnem later, 21 October of 2011. As Secretary of Commerce Bryson was in the Department of Industrial Policy (White House Office of Manufacturing Policy), in company with Gene Sperling (Gene Sperling).

June 9, 2012 th Bryson was involved directly in the two-car crash - San Gabriel (San Gabriel, California) and Rosemead (Rosemead, California). It is expected that the Minister found unconscious on the site of the second crash; Ministry of Commerce confirmed the message about the accident and admitted that Bryson suffered seizure. Full details of the accident have not been disclosed; Judging by indirect evidence, John Bryson involved in the story of the flight of a road scene - however, formal charges were filed until Bryson. In the area where the accident took place, Bryson had arrived in order to attend the graduation ceremony at the local school.

June 11 John Bryson announced his departure on leave for health reasons; as Minister of the temporarily took his assistant manager, Rebecca Blank (Rebecca Blank). June 21, 2012 th Bryson resigned; the post of minister of a preserved form. His departure, John Bryson explained the health problems - the ex-Minister not without reason to doubt its ability to adequately perform the duties assigned to it in its current state. As Obama himself said in a written statement, Bryson had already established itself quite effective leader in public affairs and in the private sector.

John Bryson married; he and his wife, Louise (Louise) four daughters. All four graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique (Polytechnic School) in Pasadena, California (Pasadena, California); By the way, John and Louise are registered in the board of trustees of this institution.