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Date of Birth: 10/12/1928

Age: 71

Place of birth: Montreal

Citizenship: Canada


Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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John Kolikos (John Colicos) was born in 1928 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Montreal, Quebec, Canada). Since the second half of the 40s, John began playing the Canadian theater scene, having received a number of roles in dozens of performances. In the late 50s he played in the Shakespearean repertoire - `A Midsummer Night` (A Midsummer Night `s Dream),` Much Ado About Nothing `(Much Ado About Nothing),` Hamlet (Hamlet), `King Lear `( King Lear) and Macbeth `` (Macbeth).

His first appearance on the screen is dated 1950 prshlogo century - then a young actor played in the Canadian film `Forbidden Journey`. In the same period Kolikos began to shoot at American and British television, entered the cast of such series as `BBC Sunday - Night Theatre` (BBC Sunday-Night Theatre), `Hall of Fame Hallmark` (Hallmark Hall of Fame), ` The United States Steel Hour `and others.

In 1957 Kolikos played and on the stage, in the formulation of `Mary Stuart` New York Theatre Phoenix Theatre, and in 1963 took part in the play `Troilus and Cressida`, included in the program of the Canadian Festival in Stratford (Stratford Festival in Stratford) .

Among Kolikosa television roles, perhaps most of all loved the audience in the role of commander of the first representatives of a planet Klingon (Klingon) named Kor (Kor) in the TV series Star Trek `` (Star Trek). His character, John repeated, and after 30 years - in `Star Trek: Deep Space 9` (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), kicked off in 1993.

A striking work was the role in another popular project - `Mission Impossible` (Mission: Impossible). Among other well-known TV series starring John Kolikosa - General Hospital `` (General Hospital), `the FBI` (The FBI), `Medical Center` (Medical Center), `War of the Worlds` (War of the Worlds), and many others.

In the early 80s the actor played on the big screens in the thrillers of John Huston (John Huston) `Phobia` (Phobia) and Peter Medak (Peter Medak) `Defector` (The Changeling).

In 1981 Kolikos appeared, perhaps, in his most famous film, thriller Reyfelsona Bob (Bob Rafelson) `The Postman Always Rings Twice` (The Postman Always Rings Twice). He played together with Jack Nicholson (Jack Nicholson) and Jessica Lange (Jessica Lange), John got in the film role of a victim, an elderly Greek Nick Papadakis (Nick Papadakis), whose wife is interested in profits to the house drifter Frank Chambers (Frank Chambers, a character Nicholson) .

For the Canadian-American project, series `Night zhara` (Night Heat) actor was awarded in 80 nominations for the prize` Gemini Awards`. In general, during his long career, John Kolikos played about 100 roles in film and television.

It is known that the actor and his wife was Mona McHenry (Mona McHenry), marriage lasted from 1956 to 1981. The family had two children; their son, Nicholas Kolikos (Nicholas Colicos), born in 1962, also became an actor.

John Kolikos died March 6, 2000, after several heart attacks, at the time of his death he was in `71.

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