John Cabell Breckinridge

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Place of Birth: Lexington

Citizenship: United States


John Breckinridge was born in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1821. In 1839, a young man graduated from the Central College (Kentucky), and then studied law at the College of New Jersey. In 1841, he opened a law practice in Burlington, Iowa, but two years later returned to Kentucky, which has made significant progress in their profession.

In the Mexican War he volunteered Breckinridge, leading a volunteer regiment of Kentucky. At the end of the war Breckinridge was elected to the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, which is then replaced in the US House of Representatives (1851-1855). He played a key role in the replacement of the Missouri compromise on the Kansas Nebraska Act.

Breckinridge was a very popular political figure and James Buchanan in 1856 chose him as his vice-president, the youngest vice president in US history (of 36 years). At the end of their vice presidential powers Breckinridge decided on their own to participate in the elections.

His candidacy has put forward a so-called "southern wing" of the Democratic Party (self - National Democrats). Breckinridge had to contend not only with the Republican Lincoln, but also with his fellow party members Stephen Douglas, representing the "north wing" of the party. Realizing that a split in the party will open a direct route to the Republicans in the White House, Breckinridge offered Douglas, that he withdrew his kadidaturu in his favor, but Douglas refused.

Slave owner and supporter of states` rights to self-determination Breckinridge won the Old South, won a resounding victory there. But the voices of the Old South was not enough, and the president was Lincoln.

Breckinridge tried to defend the neutrality of its staff in the coming war, but when picked Kentucky Union, Breckinridge took the oath of allegiance to the Confederacy. In the rank of Major General John Breckinridge joined vvoynu. His track record includes participation in the battles of Bowling Green, Shiloh, Batton Rouge, Stones River, Vicksburg and Chikamuge. The last few months of the war Breckinridge held the post of Minister of War of the Confederation.

After the war, Breckinridge emigrated from the country. First in Cuba, then in England and finally to Canada, where he caught up with "Christmas amnesty" 1868. Returning to his home in Kentucky, Breckinridge until his death in 1874, served as an officer in the railway campaign.

His son, Clifton Rhodes Breckinridge (Clifton Rodes Breckinridge) was a messenger in Russia in 1894-97, respectively.

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