John Bowen

Picture of John Bowen

Citizenship: United Kingdom


As a child, he moved to the colony Carolina (Province of Carolina), he got a job at a British ship, but after a few flights to the ship was attacked by French pirates, who captured the entire team, including the young John.

In captivity, he crossed the Atlantic Ocean, almost reached the island of Madagascar (Madagascar), but one day a pirate ship ran aground, and the British managed to escape by swimming to the boat about 45 nautical miles.

When they reached the port in Madagascar, Bowen worked for some time on the land, and later got a job as a navigator on a ship of the famous pirate Captain Reed (Read).

On the first flight to John lucky - merchant ship from India, which holds were packed with goods for sale, met on their way.

However, for a long time under the command of Captain John Reid did not stay, just to return to Madagascar escaped the ship George Booth (George Booth).

After a few months - in April 1699, the year - pirates captured 50-gun ship `Speaker`, which immediately became the flagship of the pirate fleet.

After the death of Captain Booth `Speaker` was John Bowen, who continued the pirate fishing by attacking the convoy of 13 merchant ships. Despite the fact that some of them were able to escape, he took the production by 100 thousand pounds.

Open engaged in piracy, Bowen, in turn, did not cease to cooperate with the local ports, which are sometimes even sold the captured ships.

In 1701, the year `Speaker` ran into a reef and the crew escaped in boats. Temporary ship - brigantine `Content` - helped them capture the English `Speedy Return`, which was under the command of Captain Drummond (Captain Drummond), and a small boat, which was carrying slaves from the island of St. Mary (Ile Sainte-Marie) to sugar plantations in Portugal (Portugal).

The slave ship burned, the same thing happened with `Content`, which ran aground. All supplies and a team from two vessels was transferred to `Speedy Return`, which was claimed to be one of the most powerful pirate ships in those waters.

In 1703, the year a gang of John reinforcements arrived - 36-gun ship `Prosperous`, a captain who was a longtime friend of John - Thomas Howard (Thomas Howard). Together they captured the ship `Pembroke` and two Indian ship, one of which is burned as useless. Another, renamed `Defiant`, has become one of the major vessels in their fleet.

Soon the pirates burned `Speedy Return` and `Prosperous` iz-za their deterioration. Howard became the captain `Defiant`, and Bowen with several members of the team decided to end piracy.

6 months after arrival in Madagascar, he died from an intestinal illness. John Bowen was buried on the island of Reunion (Reunion). More details about the adventures of John Bowen is told in the book `Universal History of looting and slaughter perpetrated by the most famous pirates `(A General History of the Pyrates), authored by Captain Charles Johnson (Captain Charles Johnson), but to date, historians have come to believe that it was only a pseudonym Daniel Defoe (Daniel Defoe).