John Bernal

Picture of John Bernal

Date of Birth: 05/10/1901

Age: 70

Place of birth: Nina

Citizenship: United Kingdom


In 1922 he graduated from the University of Cambridge. In 1923-27 he worked in the laboratory of Davy - Faraday in London. In 1927-37 - the University of Cambridge. Since 1937 Professor of the University of London. In 1939-42 he worked in the field of air defense in 1942-45 Scientific Advisor Staff united operations.

Main areas of research in the field of kristallografii.B. I investigated the structure of graphite, metals, water, sterols, hormones, vitamins, proteins, viruses, building materials, particularly cement. In 1933 gave t. N. Bernal ice model that can explain the behavior of water at all joints. He owns and works on liquid state theory. The author of works on the role and place of science in society, in which he highlighted the importance of philosophical sciences, the relationship of science, technology and social conditions, the impact of science on social development from the standpoint of dialectical materialism and showed features of the development of science under capitalism and socialism. B. The book "The Social Function of Science" (1938) marked the beginning of a new field of knowledge - science of science. B. - an active fighter for peace, the President of the Executive of the Presidium of the World Peace Council (1959-65), Vice-Chairman of the World Federation of Scientific Workers, President of the International Union of Crystallography (1963-66). Foreign member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1958) and many others. Academies of sciences of the world. Winner of the International Lenin Prize "for strengthening peace among peoples" (1953).