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Date of Birth: 03/11/1967

Age: 49

Place of birth: Mount Vernon

Citizenship: United Kingdom


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John Barrowman (full name - John Scot Barrowman) was born in 1967 in Mount Vernon, Glasgow, Scotland (Mount Vernon, Glasgow, Scotland). His father worked as an engineer in the engineering company `Caterpillar`, my mother worked in a record shop; In addition, John`s mother sang.

Some of his childhood, John spent with his family in Aurora, Illinois (Aurora, Illinois) because of his father`s work.

John Ross is very artistic child - even while in school (Joliet West High School), he participated in all the creative school projects; in high school, with the support of teachers, he paid much attention to acting as a whole and elocution in particular. John convinced that without the support provided to him at school, he would hardly be able to achieve his acting achievements.

Later, he became a member of projects `Hello, Dolly!`, `Oliver!`, `Camelot`, `Li` l Abner `and` Anything Goes `.

On the theatrical stage in London`s West End (London`s West End), John appeared in 1989, and almost immediately came success. This was followed by roles in `Miss Saigon`, `Beauty and the Beast`, `Matador`, `Hair`, `Grease!`, `Sunset Boulevard` and `The Phantom of the Opera`. In 1998, John was nominated for `Olivier Award` for his role in the play` The Fix`.

On the silver screen actor John Barrowman first appeared in 1987, but the popularity of the audience, and especially viewers he was only in the 2000s.

In the series` Doctor Kto` (Doctor Who) became his character Jack Harkness (Captain Jack Harkness). The character is so fond of the public that a particular series was soon released - `Torchwood` - in which Barrowman became a central figure. The role in the TV series `Dr. Kto` is undoubtedly his main acting achievement. TV shows and invitations to shooting movies, the media attention and numerous interviews and autographs - all this was the result of work on the hit series.

Among the full-screen work actor - Thriller Roy Duncan (Duncan Roy) `method` (Method) and the musical biographical drama of Irwin Winkler (Irwin Winkler) `Pet` (De-Lovely).

Total to date John Barrowman took part in some 15 paintings, most of which - TV series.

In addition to acting work, John is actively developing musical career, releasing several albums of his own music and taking part in recording other musicians. His first solo album, composed of musical compositions in which John had a chance to play, came out in 1997.

In 2008, John Barrowman published his autobiographical book `Anything Goes`, the work on which John helped sister, English professor and journalist Carole Barrowman (Carole Barrowman).

The book is the second in the list of best-selling `Sunday Times`. In 2009 came the second Barrowman autobiography called `I Am What I Am`. In both books the actor consistently results in different events of his life and shares his impressions. John, who is gay, quite openly describes in his books and his own personal life, including civil marriage with a friend and regular partner Scott Gill (Scott Gill). The two met while working on the production of `Rope` at the Theatre Festival in Chichester (Chichester Festival Theatre) in 1993 when Gill came to see John playing on stage. Young people live in two houses - one in Cardiff (Cardiff), the other in London (London). It is known that John and Scott are very fond of dogs, but because the couple have several.

December 27, 2006, after living together for 13 years, Barrowman and Gill have entered into a civil partnership, which they have not called marriage. `We just registered civil partnership. We did not have any ceremonies, because I can not relate the word `` marriage and gay relationships`. Local ceremony was held in Cardiff, he had no publicity and carried out only in the circle of family members and close friends.

Today, John Barrowman is widely known as an actor, musician, dancer, singer and television presenter.

We know that John can speak with two different accents (US and Scotland); He loves cars (he has at the moment 10); he likes extreme sports. It is curious that, in his own words, John never deceives, and it sometimes puts his interlocutors in an awkward position.

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