John Banyan

Picture of John Banyan

Date of Birth: 11/28/1628

Age: 59

Place of birth: Elstou

Citizenship: United Kingdom


John Bunyan, who was called "Shakespeare among preachers", who was born in Elstou (a small village in the center of England), in Bedford, where he spent most of his life. Formal education Bunyan was small. At sixteen, he enlisted in the army of the Parliament and held active military service during the Civil War in England.

In 1647, 19 years old, he married a young woman who convinced him to attend church regularly. There he listened to the gospel, and after a deep and prolonged spiritual struggle, he submitted himself completely to the Lord, and then he was baptized and became a member of the Baptist Church in Bedford. Soon he began to preach in the church and the surrounding villages. People recognized leader in Bunyan features, as well as the ability to interpret Scripture. Continuing to work tinkers, he witnessed wherever he could. All Sundays and holidays he spent in the stables, shops, on the village meadows and in the streets, where it will inevitably gather crowds.

In 1660 he was arrested and jailed for covert, unresolved state, religious gatherings. When he was offered freedom in exchange for a promise never to preach, he refused and was imprisoned. During captivity he studied, wrote and maintained the money his family by making and selling shoelaces. It was in prison, he wrote his immortal creation of "The Pilgrim`s Progress."

In 1672 he was released, and he immediately went back to the previous activity. Over the next 16 years of his life he was active as a pastor, writer, counselor, leader, as well as the Supreme Pastor of the set of churches and youth ministers.

Bunyan was a champion of religious freedom and freedom of conscience in religious matters. Known someone`s word for it: "The grace of God has increased on it, and abundant spiritual anointing was upon him; however, this was the greatest saint in the eyes of their own sinful of all sinners and the poorest of all the saints. " He died in 1688 - after it traveled to London riding 40 miles in the pouring rain, to preach there. He was always poor, but thanks to his example, to the service, and, in particular, his pen he left posterity the priceless heritage.


"Spiritual Warfare"


"Christian and her children"

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