John Bannister Gibson

Picture of John Bannister Gibson

Date of Birth: 11/08/1780

Age: 72

Place of birth: Perry County

Citizenship: United States


Gibson was born in Perry County, Pennsylvania (Perry County, Pennsylvania); named it in honor of a native of Virginia (Virginia), hero of the American Revolution, John Banister (John Banister). His father, George Gibson (George Gibson), too, had to war; in fact, military service, he did not leave until the end of his days. George Gibson died during an expedition to the Great Black Swamp (Great Black Swamp); John was only 11 years old.

In 1795-m (according to other sources, 1976), Gibson went to study at Dickinson College (Dickinson College) in Carlisle, Pennsylvania (Carlisle, Pennsylvania); where he studied for four years. His degree he never received; rumored to learning was hard enough for him - despite opened in the future talent of the lawyer; Few saw great potential in John university. One of those few was a judge of the Supreme Court Hugh Breckenridge (Hugh Brackenridge), just living in Carlisle; among other things, it allowed the talented young student to use his very, very extensive library.

After leaving college, Gibson found work at Carlisle, in the office of Thomas Duncan (Thomas Duncan); Duncan was a lawyer, maybe not brilliant, but very, very meticulous and neat; Working with him has given much to John. In 1803-m Gibson received the right to conduct legal activity in Cumberland County (Cumberland County), and then - in Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh). In 1804 the lawyer was moved to Beaver County (Beaver County); for a while he worked in Hagerstown, Maryland (Hagerstown, Maryland).

In the period from 1810 till 1812 th Gisbon he worked in the legislature of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania). John served as chairman of the judicial committee; largely thanks to his efforts, was able to carry out the so-called `Act 1812 go` (Act of 1812). In 1812 Gibson married a native of Carlisle Sarah Wark Galbraith (Sarah Work Galbraith). A year later, John became a judge of the new legal district; I appointed him to the post of the governor of the state Snider Simon (Simon Snyder). Three years later, John Snyder also appointed as Deputy Judge in the Supreme Court - to the place which previously served each teacher and Gibson, Breckenridge. In 36 years, Gibson raised; in his new post, he demonstrated considerable zeal; disadvantages caused by the lack of experience, John corrected relatively quickly - mainly by the association with more experienced judges. Gibson spent a lot of time for further education; it soon became clear that he just created for legal action.

In 1838 th constitutional amendment tzmenila lifetime in the Supreme Court - a life for 15-year term; Judge dolzhnybyli be replaced every 3 years, in order of seniority. Gibson has actively protested against the amendment - protested publicly, in front of the broad masses. On the advice of his aides, he left his post - and was re-appointed him Governor Joseph Ritner (Joseph Ritner). This maneuver helped John to serve for a few years longer; in the press, however, this trick has caused a lot of rumors.

In 1850 a judge - according to another amendment - began to choose, rather than prescribe; Gibson, however, enjoyed a well-deserved respect among the voters and for the next term, was elected in due time. Unfortunately, shortly after the election of the judge began with health problems. His mind remained as strong as ever; Unfortunately, the body refused to work. In the spring of 1853, John - despite the protest of doctors - went to the court hearing in Philadelphia; Gibson died there.