Johann Winckelmann

Picture of Johann Winckelmann

Date of Birth: 09/12/1717

Age: 50

Place of birth: Stendal

Citizenship: Germany


The son of a poor shoemaker, Winkelmann, despite its extremely scarce material resources, he graduated from high school in Berlin and attended the University of Halle, where he mostly ancient verbiage.

After he had been for a long time as a tutor in various families, then he studied medicine at the University of Jena; in the 1743-1748 biennium. he worked at the school near Berlin, then entered the librarian to Count Byunau in Netnitse. Here, living far away from Dresden, the future art historian had the opportunity to see and explore the often artistic treasures collected there. They stirred up in him a hot love for classical antiquity and the aversion to the Rococo style that prevailed at that time in the German architecture and sculpture.

Job in Italy

The desire to get to Rome and get acquainted with its monuments prompted him to start negotiations with the papal nuncio Arkinto on obtaining a place at the library of Cardinal Passion, but a prerequisite for it was staged transition from Lutheranism to Catholicism. After a five-year fluctuations in 1754 Winckelmann took this important step, and the next year was in Rome, where he became friends with the painter Raphael Mengs, imbued with the same as he, aesthetic beliefs and aspirations, and completely surrendered to the study of antiquities.

Enrich your knowledge and expanding views of the trip to Naples and visit Herculaneum and Pompeii, just before the speakers from under the Vesuvius ashes, it was a collection of gems Baron Stosha directory Florence and after a second trip to Naples began publishing the "History of Ancient Art" - the main his work, which was published in 1764, soon after the fact (in 1767) amended "notes on the history of art", and subsequently translated into French, and other languages.


Visiting again in Naples, he went accompanied by sculptor Kavacheppi in Germany, but only drove to Vienna, from where he returned to Italy. Not far from Trieste Winkelmann accidentally met with the newly released from prison, the criminal Arcangeli. Pretending to be an art lover, Arcangeli vt