Johann Georgi

Picture of Johann Georgi

Date of Birth: 12/31/1729

Age: 72

Place of birth: village Vahholtshagen in Pomerania

Citizenship: Sweden


Born December 31, 1729 in the family priest. He graduated from the University of Uppsala (Sweden), where he studied, in particular, Carl Linnaeus. He received his medical degree and worked as a pharmacist. He arrived in Russia at the invitation of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1770 (according to other sources in 1768) year. Participated in the "Physical expedition" Pallas, was researching the Volga region, Central and Southern Urals, Western Siberia, the Baikal region Dauria. Associate (1776), academician (elected in 1883), the Academy of Sciences.

The results of field research Georgi were fundamental and varied:

So, it was George Baikal card and first suggested the tectonic origin of the lake. By studying the nature of the Baikal region, the scientist has made a detailed description of its flora and fauna (including gave the first description of the Baikal omul).

Georgi collected on expeditions collection of minerals (371 ore) was preobretu the General Directorate and schools provided the basis for the future museum of the Department of Mineralogy, University of St. Petersburg.

Finally, the result of ethnographic research was Georgi detailed illustrated description of nationalities living in Russia. This work came out in St. Petersburg in 1776-1780 years under the name