Johann Breyer

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Age: 90

Citizenship: United States

The former Auschwitz guard arrested in Philadelphia

Breyer was born in 1925 in Czechoslovakia. His father was an ethnic German, and American mother, she was born in Philadelphia. In 1939, the Slovak Republic (Slovakia) under the influence of Nazi Germany became a separate state. In 1942, the SS recruited there recruits among ethnic Germans and seventeen Johann joined them. The fact that at that moment he was a minor, allowed him in 2003 to stay in the United States (United States) - current proceedings is not the first memory Breyer.

In 1951, the US military authorities in Germany have tested Breyer when he first applied for a visa to the United States. The surviving documents of this investigation show that the Brier was a member of the SS `Mertvayagolova` battalion guarding Auschwitz, yet December 29, 1944 - four months later, he, in his words, deserted. Breyer acknowledged that he was a guard at Auschwitz in occupied Poland (Poland) during the Second World War, but said that was outside the complex of Auschwitz-Birkenau, which, in fact, was intended to kill the prisoners. Breyer argued that had nothing to do with the massacres and a half million people, among whom were Jews, and people of other nationalities. According to him, he had never killed anyone, and did not commit any violence against concentration camp prisoners.

Lawyer Dennis Boyle (Dennis Boyle), said that his client is too old and infirm to expect a hearing on extradition custody, but the former master toolmaker was denied bail. According to the lawyer, at the Brier heart problems, he suffered several mini-strokes, plus there is easy dementia. Boyle said that Johann Breyer can not be a threat to anyone and can not escape, but the judge decided that the prison has the necessary conditions for the care of 89-year-old accused. As for dementia, and he retired, and his wife is perfectly respectable age give an answer to what is happening, and understand why Bryer was arrested.

The current investigation was initiated by the prosecution of the Bavarian town of Weiden, in the vicinity of which once lived Brier. The last time Brier testified that he served in Auschwitz perimeter protection. In addition, he made clear that joining the SS was not entirely voluntary, and said that deserted even in August 1944, and never returned to the camp, but joined his military unit near Berlin (Berlin) in the last weeks of the war . In favor of the Breyer testified, and his lack of typical members of the Waffen SS tattoos or marks its attention.

Walter Thomas (Thomas Walther), a former state prosecutor of the Special Department, investigating the crimes of the Nazis during the war, and now represents the interests of the family members of the alleged victims Breyer. He hopes for a quick extradition of a former concentration camp guard. Breyer himself confident that the extradition does not threaten him. A hearing on the case is scheduled for August 21.

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