Johann Becher

Picture of Johann Becher

Date of Birth: 06/05/1635

Age: 47

Place of birth: Speyer

Citizenship: Germany


Born in 1635 in Speyer. He was engaged in self-education, received serious knowledge in various fields of science, became a doctor. In 1666 he was appointed professor of medicine in Mainz and at the same time was appointed court physician of the Elector of Mainz. Soon became the private physician of the Bavarian Elector, then he moved to Vienna and entered the court service. In 1678 he moved to Holland and then to England. Becher had a penchant for fantastic projects that offer a variety of high-ranking officials. In 1666 he developed a project to build a canal Rhine - Danube to trade with the Low Countries, and in 1678 proposed to organize a grand scale processing of sand into gold. He was engaged in mining ipytalsya make improvements in the methods of mining ores. In his early writings Becher appears as a follower of the teachings of the three alchemical principles, from which all the body. Later in the book, written in the period of life in Munich and released in 1669 under the name Underground Physics (Physicae Subterraneae), he suggested that all inorganic materials consist of three "lands", and the relationship between them in the matter depends on its properties. One of these lands, "fat", according to Becher, was responsible for the combustibility of substances. Follower very vague ideas of Becher was a German chemist G.Shtal, founder of the well-known theory of phlogiston. Becher died in London in October 1682.